Want To Know Why Your Holiday’s Going To Suck?

So, it’s finally here. The holiday you have been dreaming of. The one you scrimped and saved for; the one you have had ringed on the calendar for months and had an app counting down to. It’s all good from here: sun, sand, relaxation!

Sorry, but it’s going to suck.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news and all. You’ve ruined your holiday. You might as well have set the money you spent on it on fire. No beautiful Instagram #sunsets for you! Back to your desk and the spiral of work that threatens to eat you alive. Better luck next time.

Why do I think your holiday is going to suck? Because you’re made some classic errors. Mistakes that it’s so very easy to overlook, especially when dazzled with excitement over your time away. Really, you can’t be blamed – but someone should let you know your good time is going to be anything but. What did you do wrong?

  1. You Didn’t Get The Right Documentation

Welcome to your country of choice! Oh, but you can’t come in. Enjoy the airport while you wait for your return flight, I guess?

Many countries require a visa for you to get in. If you don’t have it – visit this website to find out more – then you’re not getting in. No amount of casually slipped money or fluttering of eyelashes is going to do it. If only you’d taken a few minutes to get the right details for your destination country and made sure you’d be able to get in. It’s a real shame.

  1. You Didn’t Read Reviews

Once upon a time, you could be forgiven for rocking up to a hotel and not knowing what to expect. You knew the brochure was going to show the best side of things and you had your expectations under control – the rest was sheer luck.

Not anymore. There’s no excuse for not being pre-warned about a poor hotel or local facilities. You need to sift through reviews with a pinch of salt, but you do need to read them.

  1. You Didn’t Think of the Weather

Whether you’ve got for a skiing or beach holiday, you’ve probably packed a suitcase full of appropriate items. Snowsuits for the beach and bikinis for the ski slopes. Or perhaps it’s the other way around.

Still, you’ve forgotten that you might get hot when you’re on a snow-filled holiday. Sometimes you’re going to want something lighter, so you’re not scorching in a heated room over dinner. The same applies for a beach holiday; it still might rain. You’re either going to be miserable or faced with having to buy suitable clothing abroad, which isn’t going to be cheap. Think of all the difference a couple of variations in your suitcase allowing for this might have made!


So… what if you didn’t do these things? You took a moment to go through the possibilities, keeping a practical head rather than being too excited to care? You’ve read through this list thinking I’ve missed the boat, and your holiday will be just fine, thank you very much.

You’re right – because you’ve done it right. Have a great holiday!