Visiting New York? How To Live Like A Local

If you’re visiting New York, you probably have a to-do list as long as your arm. This city is undoubtedly one of the most energetic and enthralling places on the planet. It’s important to do the touristy things. But it’s also beneficial to discover hidden gems and veer off the well-trodden paths from time to time. Here are some top tips to help you live like a local in the Big Apple.

Use the subway

All New Yorkers are aware of the never-ending traffic problems. If you want to get around this city quickly, your best options are walking and using the subway. You’ll find that most subway stations are jam-packed with locals commuting to work every morning and evening. After rush hour, you’ll be able to navigate your way around the major sights without any problems at all. Do some research before you go, and plan your journey online. If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff at the station.

Have brunch

New Yorkers love to enjoy brunch, especially at the weekends. Look out for busy cafes and head for the places populated by locals. This is usually a sign of a hearty brunch menu and great coffee. Popular dishes include pancake stacks, freshly baked bagels, and maple-cured bacon and eggs. Don’t forget to try the milkshakes too.

Eat down the side streets

Any chain, which has menus surrounded by neon lights is a no-go for a local. Restaurants located close to honeypot sites like Times Square and Broadway tend to be over-priced and poor quality. Head down the side streets and you’re much more likely to enjoy a delicious, reasonably priced meal. Little Italy is a favorite haunt for New Yorkers. Brooklyn also has a fantastic reputation for eateries.

Don’t forget the free museums

If you’ve got a day at leisure when touring the Big Apple and you’re on a budget, head for the free museums. A handful of museums hog the headlines in NYC. But there are many others, which are equally deserving of your time. The American Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim Museum are essentials if you’re visiting for the first time. If you’ve already ticked off these cultural giants, head for the Brooklyn Museum or the Museum of Modern Art.

Head out of the city

If you’re spending time in New York, it’s a shame to restrict yourself to Times Square and Fifth Avenue. Don’t be afraid to get out and about and explore. Take a trip to Brooklyn or catch the ferry over to Staten Island. This trip will also provide you with incredible views of the Statue of Liberty.

If you’re going to New York, it’s essential to see the sights. But don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a different perspective by living like the locals. Tick off your to-do list, and then get out and discover the rest of what NYC has to offer. Do some research, read some reviews and enjoy an authentic Big Apple adventure.