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4 places you must visit on Kassandra, the first of three “fingers” of Chalkidiki

Kassandra is the first peninsula or finger of Chalkidiki. Beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear, clean and warm sea, the picturesque resorts, traditional villages, lively nightlife, proximity of Thessaloniki, pleasant taverns, undoubtedly give Kassandra peninsula the advantage over the many of the other places in Greece. Almost every town and even smaller places have the spirit of ancient history and mythology which with beauty and charm offered by the gorgeous beaches seems to satisfy the tastes even of the most demanding tourists.


Polichrono is a beautiful mix of the old and the new, located around 95 km away from Thessaloniki. White houses with wooden balconies and red-tiled roofs, can be found in almost every step of the way along the narrow streets. Behind the village of Polichrono there are low hills covered with olive trees.

Polichrono summer resort was purposely built on 1 km long beach composed of gravel and sand. Slight decline of the cost is ideal for kids and families although not very sandy until you go down deep in the sea. The focus is mainly on the long Polychronic border with the sea which is lined with restaurants, cafes, shops… At the night music bars offer entertainment for the tourists.

Next to Polichrono lies a small lake, full of rich and natural wildlife.


Pefkochori is located around 100 km from Thessaloniki and it has been a very popular summer resort since the 1970s. Pefkochori is also very popular with Greek tourists during the weekends so at times it can be really crowded. This is a small village with long and sandy beach, backed with pine trees by which the resort got its name. To the beauty of Pefkochori also contribute the sights of beautiful church, old square and narrow streets with blossomed lemon trees. Long and sandy beach is the center of all activities where you can find numerous taverns, restaurants, beach bars… In Pefkochori you can also find all the things that you might be in a need off such as: numerous hotels, rent car agencies, supermarkets, ambulance, drug store, bakeries and a post office.

On the main stretch there is also an amazingly long promenade lined with palm trees, pizzerias, barbecue stands and cafes. In the northern part there are discos for those who enjoy in the noisy and lively nightlife. For those who are searching for even more lively vacation they can go to nearby Hanioti.


Hanioti is a small, popular, purpose-built resort north of Pefkochori and around 95 km away from Thessaloniki. Hanioti is the favorite among the couples and families filled with modern apartments and studios.

Nightlife in Hanioti is on the main square and the side streets that lead to it. The main square is framed with cafes, bars and restaurants. Street vendors come out at night and offer everything from portraits to jewelry. Cars are not allowed and the center of Hanioti at night.

There is large choice of taverns as well as bars, clubs and gift shops. For those who like more of fresh atmosphere, pleasant parks are at their disposal. Also at any time a wide variety of water sports is available. It also should be noted that the sun chairs are free if you visit a local beach bar, which is true for most of the places in Greece.


Kalithea beach

Kalithea, which means “a beautiful view”, is probably the most popular beach and summer resort on Kassandra. This place with population of around 500 people is flooded with many tourists during the holiday season. It is located around 85 km away from Thessaloniki. The coast of Kalithea is surrounded by the pine trees and it is equipped with all sorts of accommodation units you can imagine and now unfortunately they dominate the beach. About 40 years ago, Kalithea was one of the most popular destinations thanks to the pale sandy beaches and pristine shallow sea. Kalithea beach offers numerous sun chairs as well as a large choice of water sports that any tourist could wish for.

Built on a hillside, Kalithea is not a great place for those who hate slopes, yet on the other hand this could be a great exercise. The resort is full of restaurants and taverns. Pizzas, pasta, burgers and chips dominate the menu with the occasional Greek dishes. Even more bars and cafes are located a mile south of the main resort. Discos and bars with music all night long do not miss as well. For those more inclined to culture, there are organized visits to several archeological sites discovered in the area, including the shrine to Zeus Ammon with the remains of temple and altar and the sanctuary of Dionysus and Nymphs.

All four resorts are close to each other and relatively close to Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece. So everyone who in addition to bathing and resting loves shopping and various activities, one of these four destinations is the perfect choice.

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