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The Two Things You’ve Never Tried When Travelling

Travelling can be one of the best opportunities to explore all that life has to offer. It can give us meaning and perspective. It can add excitement and exhilaration to our lives instead of the daily grind of work and life commitments. We can be passionate about our home life and contented in the workplace, but there’s nothing quite like travel to add some spice! But while travelling or planning to travel, it can be easy to slip into some of the old habits and cliches. Relaxing on the beach in the golden sun is appealing and can still be done. But it doesn’t have to govern every trip you take. Sampling the bars and nightlife is always exciting, but there is so much more to experience too. If we’re not careful, without stepping outside our comfort zone or trying something new, everywhere can start to look much the same. Why not take some inspiration and try something a bit different each time you travel? Browse the list below for some thoughts on things you have never tried.

Rent A Car

Travelling around a new town or city can be a source of great anxiety for some travellers. At best it can be inconvenient and time consuming. But at it’s worst, using public transport or cabs in an unfamiliar town can be risky or even dangerous. Public transport can be crowded and incredibly confusing. Especially if you don’t speak the local language or know exactly where you’re going. Cabs and taxis can be licensed and safe but still have disadvantages. They may not always be available or there could be a language barrier. But have you consider renting your own car? Car rentals are incredibly popular for their safety and convenience. You can be completely self-reliant, taking day trips off the beaten track or zipping from attraction to attraction. Your own car can be a revelation on a trip for the freedom and sense of control that it gives you. You are free to explore at your leisure and can more accurately budget for petrol than you can for cabs and public transport.

Learn a New Skill

Taking a holiday or travelling is often our time to relax. We may only want to unwind on the beach or enjoy a blissful spa day. But some travellers crave adventure and experiences. Wherever you are in the world, there is an opportunity to learn a new skill. Think carefully about your own hobbies and interests. Or investigate the national interests of your destination. Perhaps you could take a skiing course in Switzerland, for example, or a patisserie class in Paris. Why not learn to make a local dish or a classic cocktail? By learning a new skill, you will boost your confidence and have the opportunity to meet a variety of people. You will return feeling like your trip was meaningful and have an instant conversation starter with friends. Learning a skill in a different place can also be a great way to learn about local history and culture. National favourite foods teaching you a lot about trade and imports, for example. The national sport and pastimes can tell you a lot about how competitive or laid back a culture is. With a bit effort and a lot of fun you’ll feel like a native in no time.