Travel as a Couple: The Best Romantic and Luxurious Locations to Visit

When you are looking to go on vacation with your other half, there are some requirements to meet. You will want to be able to have great food and drink when you are away. Being able to relax and rejuvenate is always a good idea too, right? As you are going away as a couple, instead of a group of friends, it is always good to visit romantic locations. Then you can keep the love alive and make some fantastic memories. So where are the best romantic and luxury vacation destinations? Here are just a few of them to give you some ideas.


The city of lights needs to always be on the list of romantic places to visit. While this isn’t the most relaxing of places to visit, it makes up for it with everything that there is to do. There is a lot of history in the city, as well as stunning tourist locations. The Eiffel Tower at night is just beautiful and perfectly romantic. You could even wander over and put a lock on one of the cities love lock bridges. It can be quite rare to find a hotel in Paris with swimming pools and spas, but there certainly are some. So if that is non-negotiable for you, then just seek them out. The food and drink are world class, as well as the sights and architecture.


When you think of a dream destination, it includes things like white sands, luxury hotels, and crystal clear waters. Well, that is Bali in a nutshell! It is such a stunning location and the perfect place to relax. It is one of the ultimate luxury and romantic destinations. So you can see why it is popular with honeymooners. You could stay at a luxury hotel in Bali to experience the best that the country has to offer. Being waited on and having not to think about cleaning or chores for a while is the best. So relax, hit the beach and enjoy the time as a couple.


If the two of you prefer a bit more of a party atmosphere when on vacation, then Cancun in Mexico would be a perfect choice. It has so many stunning beaches, and the city has such a laid back ambiance. The nightlife is second to none, with all of the resorts having something on. You can still enjoy a quieter time there too. There are beaches set away from the party beaches. So you can have some quiet couple time relaxing on those.


The Italian city is full of gorgeous architecture and plenty of mysterious passageways. So it is the perfect spot for getting away as a couple. You can’t visit Venice without taking a gondola ride down one of the city’s many canals. Then there is the exquisite food and wine, where you could dine by candlelight. How about taking a walk at night through the stunning Piazza San Marco. Romance and love are pretty much guaranteed when you visit Venice.