On the Train to Heerlen…. Wait a minute

I really should learn how to read Dutch

I am such a idiot sometimes but as with all things this mistake ended up to be a really nice journey. So here is what happened. I got off the plane in Amsterdam and then went down to jump on the train to city centre but accidentally got on a train to Heerlen which is a total other city in Holland. I feel bad too because a guy asked me if the train we were getting on was the train to the city centre and I said with the up most of confidence… IT SURE IS!… lol. Either way it was actually a very nice journey and I got to see the Netherlands country side which was actually very cool to see. The canal system is awesome and seeing the boats making there way into the city was really cool. You can see all this in the video. Another cool thing happened and is a testament to how friendly the dutch people are. When I got to Heerlen and went to buy the proper ticket the attendant just gave me a ticket for free and welcomed me to the country. I was blown away by this as anywhere else they would just make you pay again. This may have taken 1hr out of my time in Amsterdam but I got to see the country side and experience the kind hearted dutch culture. This is a great example of why everything happens for a reason!

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