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Top Travel Destinations For Wildlife Lovers

If you’re fed up of lounging on a beach or visiting historical monuments when you’re on holiday, now is the time for something new. Vacations that involve wildlife and animals are often the ones people treasure the most. From seeing endangered species or helping to conserve natural habitats, you’re spoilt for choice. While some destinations have few wildlife opportunities on offer, others are a hub of activity. So it’s important to choose wisely. So if you are obsessed with wildlife and animals, why not visit one of these top travel destinations and take a walk on the wild side.

The Galapogas Islands, Ecuador

The Galapogas Islands are a fantastic destination for tourists who want to see a vast array of animals and wildlife. Here, you can find a marine reserve where they have tropical fish, sharks turtles and sea lions. The clear waters of the islands means you get a fantastic view making it ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling. The islands also have rich collections of animals on land too, which are just waiting to be discovered. You can find flamingos, penguins and giant tortoises throughout the island. Which makes it ideal for animal exploration. Take a look at Galapogas Islands adventures for more information on planning a trip here.

Spitsbergen, Norway

Norway might not seem like the most obvious place to discover wildlife. But in some regions of this beautiful country, it is possible to see Polar bears. These magnificent creatures need to be seen to appreciate how large and beautiful they really are. With global warming continuing to be an issue, it’s not known how much longer we will have Polar bears with us. Making it even more urgent to see them while you can, particularly in their natural environments. You can take a cruise on board the Polar Pioneer to see the bears from the safety of a boat. If the Bears choose not to show themselves, there are plenty of arctic birds and smaller mammals that might interest you. Head to the Polar Pioneer website for more details.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you’re eager to help out while you are on vacation, the Chiang Mai region of Thailand is the destination for you. Here you will find the Elephant nature park, where they encourage tourists to volunteer during their stay. You get to have contact and develop relationships with rescued elephants. You will also learn more about rainforest conservation. Being able to help care for these wonderful creatures is an experience you will treasure the memories of forever. Plus Northern Thailand is renowned for it’s beautiful countryside and welcoming people. To learn more about which volunteer program to try, take a look at the Elephant Nature Park website.

These are just a few top places which all wildlife lovers should visit at some point in their lives. But there are plenty more on offer. Look at travel blogs or search for wildlife travel ideas on a search engine to see what other places are on offer.