Perth Beaches Australia

6 Things to See and Do in Perth Australia

The capital of Western Australia is a popular destination for holidaymakers from all over the globe. In fact, over 3.5 million people visiting every single year.

Unsurprisingly, the city has become very accommodating to tourists over the years. It boasts plenty of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. From natural beauty to vibrant cultural elements, Perth has something for everyone. Moreover, the glorious Australian climate ensures that you’ll enjoy it to the fullest.

But with so much to do, it’s imperative that you get yourselves organised before arrival. Here are some of the top items to put on your bucket list.

Visit King’s Park

Perth is a truly beautiful destination, packed with a myriad of natural and man made beauty. There’s no better place to soak it in than at King’s Park and Botanic Gardens.

If the tranquil surroundings of flowers, trees, and birdsong isn’t enough to get you smiling, then the views of the city’s landscape certainly will. From the right vantage point, you can see across Swan River to see the busy metropolis in the background. It’s like seeing two completely contrasting worlds, which both offer equal amazement.

In addition to the 13,000 types of wildlife in the park, you’ll also see war memorials and architectural structures. Meanwhile, there’s usually some sort of activity taking place on the grounds too. There’s no better way to spend an afternoon in the sun.

Cruise Swan River

Swan River is one of Australia’s most beautiful bodies of water, and is a sight that all visitors should see. In addition to the wonderful backdrops and magic of seeing the sun reflect off of the clear water, the river is also home to over 100 species of fish. But what’s better than seeing it from afar? Seeing it up close.

There are multiple types of river cruises available to guests. These range from scenic sightseeing routes to wine tasting adventures. In addition to the relaxed vibes of travelling across the water, you’ll also see multiple Perth attractions from a new perspective.

Whether you’re seven of 70, it’s a relaxed experience that you’ll never forget.

Go Beach Hopping

The coastal city is additionally home to some truly fantastic beaches. Gold sand, clear water, and stunning sunsets – this is the Australia you imagined.

Perth’s list of great beaches is vast and includes Port Beach, South Cottesloe, and Swanbourne to name just three. Your best bet as a tourist is to rent a car with Ace car rentals Perth to visit as many as possible. After all, each one brings unique elements and fun. Besides, the drive along the coast can be mesmerising in itself.

Life’s a beach, but time on those golden sands will soon make you forget about those troubles. Frankly, a trip to Perth isn’t complete without it.

Get Cultural

Visiting museums and art galleries is just something that most visitors do through habit. In Perth, though, there’s actually good reason to take in those sights. As well as learning about the history and culture of the city, the best attractions are actually pretty fun too.

If the traditional type of attraction isn’t quite your thing, the Nostalgia Box Museum tour is a great alternative. It offers an insight into the world of gaming, film, and entertainment in general. It offers great insight for young minds, and can bring back fond memories for older ones.

It’s a particularly good option if you hit an odd bad patch of weather, or if the temperature is too hot.

Make A Splash

Given Perth’s geographic location, water attractions will almost certainly play a big part in your adventure. A trip to Splash City in Burswood is a fantastic family-friendly option for a great day of excitement. However, this is far from being the only way to make a splash in the city.

Whether it’s water sports or scuba diving, a plethora of water-based activities are sure to keep you entertained at all times. In truth, you could probably spend your entire trip enjoying those elements, although it is worth partaking in the other options too.

Holidays are a great opportunity to create once-in-a-lifetime memories. This is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable ways to do it.

Watch Professional Sport

As the fourth most populated city in the country, it’s no surprise to learn that Perth is home to some of Australia’s best sports teams. Even if you aren’t a sports fan, those events are a great way to feel the love and connection of the city and its people.

Whether it’s the Perth Glory soccer team, Wildcats basketball team, or Eagles Australian rules team doesn’t matter. You’re guaranteed to enjoy an afternoon or evening of entertainment. If you get extremely lucky, you might even get a chance to catch Australia’s cricket team at the WACA.

Even if that isn’t possible, attending a top class sporting event is one for any visitor’s bucket list.