Supper for Lunch at The Skeff Bar Galway Ireland

Now The Skeff Bar, Galway Ireland in Eyre Square holds a special place in my heart and will for the rest of my life so this may be a little bias. Since I have been a wee lad and coming to Ireland I have always been going to have my “lunch” at the Skeff. The reason “lunch” is in quotes is because they serve a full roast dinner buffet at noon everyday and for all those who know me I love my roasts! Now this time I did not eat the roast only because I saw the words bacon and chicken together for in one of their specials. The Bacon wrapped chicken was to die for and for my sides I had a very generous portion of roasted spuds and carrots with au jus smothered all over it! Now they had mashed potateos and a pasta salad I could have added but I was ready for a easy three piece meal. The service was awesome and I always had a top up on my green tea. Yes I was drinking green tea for once. Normally I would have a pint of da black stuff but today my head was not going to allow that. The Skeff is located in the centre of town right across from Eyre Square and also has accommodations at The Skeffington Arms Hotel. The Skeff is also a popular meeting place for many of the tours around Galway. IF you are looking for a good authentic and hot meal for a reasonable price be sure to go check out The Skeff Galway Ireland.

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