The Quays Bar in Galway – Amazing Live Venue and Party Spot

Another great place for live music!

Galway has stuff like just oozing out of it its pores on every corner. The Quays Bar in Galway is one the pubs around Galway most people have heard of. It is common meeting spot for locals and for travelers alike. Because of this you get a very diverse crowd and meeting new people is not a problem at all. This would be a great place for solo travelers to go to meet other travelers or locals looking to have a great time. This place has one of the coolest stages for their live bands and acts. You can see a picture of it below in the gallery. It is raised up off the floor and has a giant church style organ up on it! They make sure to light up the back of the organ so it looks absolutely amazing giving off a vibe like no other. In fact the organ and the whole bar for that matter was imported from a french medival church. When I was here the band was an 90’s cover and so it made for some great sing alongs and dancing with complete strangers. Everyone is just dancing with everyone and no one is really giving a shit! This is my type of place and The Quays Bar in Galway is another must visit while you are in Galway.

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