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360 degrees of fun on the London Eye

Holy cow London is a massive city!

I never realized how big London really is until this past Christmas when I had the chance to go up The London Eye in England. For those of you who don’t know The London Eye is a giant enclosed observation (ferris) wheel that is pretty well directly across from Big Ben on the other side of the Thames river. It was built in 2000 and at 135m is the worlds largest observation wheel. The design has won countless awards and is now one of the most visited tourist locations in London. Here area a few interesting facts about the wheel:

  • It took 7 years to construct.
  • You can see as far as 40km (25 miles) and on a clear day can see Windsor Castle.
  • On average 3.5 million people a year go on the London eye!
  • Each individual capsule weighs 10 tonnes and for a total of 2100 tonnes.
  • Each full rotation takes 30 min.

During my 30 minute experience on The London Eye I took so many pictures and had such a great time that I think it best to just show you them have the pictures do the talking for me.

The London Eye England

About half way up and getting a great pic with my sister!

One of the main reasons I had such an amazing time on the Eye is because I had the chance to experience it with my older sister. It is rare the two us get a chance to travel together so being able to do something like this made it extra special.

The London Eye at the top

This is just before reaching the top and is probably my favorite pic of the bunch.

Just before reaching the top I was getting anxious because all I wanted was to get there already but I managed to get this photo with Big Ben sneaking its way into the photo. Looking back this is by far my favorite picture I took from the eye.

Top of the London Eye

At the very tippity top!

First off I got to give credit where credit is due for this awesome photo to my sister. I realized while doing this post that I did not take any photos other panoramic ones of the East side view from the Eye so I went through my sisters pics and found this gem. So lucky me as this pic not only covers my ass for an East facing pic it also is an amazing pic of the very top of The London Eye.

Selfie on The London Eye

Always gotta do at least one selfie!

I am a huge fan of the selfie and this one is definitely in my top ten selfies of all time as it is taken at the very top of the eye and my good friend Ben makes yet another appearance.

London County Hall Hotel

I really like how cool looking this building is.

If you are planning on going up the Eye my advice to you is try and go for dusk as the lights on all the buildings and the eye itself start to turn on. Also if you are lucky you will get to see an amazing sunset. It was an overcast day for us so we didn’t get to see the sunset but I did get this amazing picture of the London County Hall Hotel.

London Eye England

Just about at the end of your journey you get this solid view.

What a splendid 30 min journey around the eye and what better way to end with the perfect view of our old friend Ben. I would have to say that this was definitely planned by the engineer’s and brains behind the Eye as having the iconic image of Big Ben as the last thing you see leaves you with a feeling of a time well spent.

The London Eye

A great place to reminisce about the experience

I bet you thought that last pic was my last one, well its not, this is. After getting off the Eye I was already starting to reminisce about my 30 min journey when all of sudden I turned around and saw this. What an amazing pic of The London Eye and Big Ben all lite up. The feeling I had at this moment is hard to put it words. It is as though both the Eye and Big Ben were lite up just for me giving me one last cheerio!

If you are in town you gotta go up The London Eye! Here is some info on how to do that.

To save time be sure to buy your tickets online in advance here. Doing this will save you time and effort once you get to the eye, you will thank me later. Also if you are planning to get there for the sunset be sure to look what time the sunset is at an go at least 45 min before. The lineup to get on the eye can be very long and remember it takes 30 min to do one full revolution so getting there early is a must if you want to catch the sunset. Another cool thing you can do is after you have taken a bunch of amazing photo’s is head over to their Facebook page and submit it into their monthly contest to win a Champagne Experience for two. It is definitely worth a shot, right?


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Alright that’s it! Hope you enjoyed this post and remember please share this post if you liked it. I would also love to hear your London Eye experience down in the comments section.

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