The East Coast City That Deserves More Credit Than It Gets

When it comes to the East Coast of the USA, numerous cities get the majority of the attention. New York City tops that list, of course, followed up by places like Philly and DC. These places deserve love, of course, but so do many others.

Take Baltimore. This Maryland City sits along the seafront and offers more than enough activities and sights to fill the average free weekend. So, schedule in a trip. What to do when you’re there? Well, this guide is here to help! We’ll break down a handful of examples of things to do in this city, each well worthy of your time. From shopping to eating, this place has it all. There is even a cool opportunity to do something a little different for your overnight accommodation. We’ll also point you in the direction of a sweet little place a short but worthwhile drive from the hustle and bustle of the center.

Read on to find out more about the East Coast City that deserves (way) more credit than it gets; Baltimore.

Shop Along The Harbor

This is a nice list of things to do in Baltimore, including the harbor area. A spacious and appealing area of the city, the boat-lined harbor flanks a shopping mall. Inside you’ll find brands like Urban Outfitters. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes that overlook the water. If you don’t fancy being inside though, grab an ice cream and take a walk.

Stay Aboard a Yacht

Why stop at hiring a boat or Yacht for a day when you could stay on one instead!? AirBnB has cottoned onto this idea too. They even have a section of their listings dedicated to Baltimore Boat & Yacht Rentals. If you fancy something more traditional, the Four Seasons hotel has an infinity pool overlooking the Inner harbor. Fancy!

Eat Crabs

Ask any Baltimore resident what they love to eat, and there is a very good chance they will say crabs. Being set right against the water, crabs are big business here. You’ll find upmarket crab shacks right across the city. However, some of the best are by the harbor (naturally!)

Enjoy old-school market halls

A piece of history that Baltimore has managed to retain, that many others have long since lost, is its market halls. There is Cross Street Market, for example. Here, crabs aren’t the only thing on the menu, but oysters too, at Nick’s Oyster Bar. Lexington Market is located in downtown, and in the north of the city, there is Belvedere Market.

Visit Ellicott City

You’ll need to jump in your car and head out of the city center for this one. However, the place where you’re headed is more than worth it. Ellicott City is a real gem, a piece of downtown, authentic USA. Wander are the one-off boutique shops, owned by locals who’ve had the business passed down the generations. Enjoy food from any one of the restaurants here; it’s a popular place, so only the best joints get a spot here.