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Getting around Melbourne Australia

Alternative ways for getting around Melbourne Australia

Don’t get on a bus (you can do that anywhere), drive (have you ever heard of pollution?) or run (are you mad?) – these are the best ways to explore the city of Melbourne and all its secrets and scenes….

Perth Beaches Australia

6 Things to See and Do in Perth Australia

The capital of Western Australia is a popular destination for holidaymakers from all over the globe. In fact, over 3.5 million people visiting every single year. Unsurprisingly, the city has become very accommodating to tourists over the years. It boasts…


Lorde Howe Islands a hidden treasure of Australia

There are two types of people who want to visit Australia. The first type still associates Australia with Crocodile Dundee and that Simpsons episode in which the civilian population of the land down under resides mostly on arid terrain, drinks…