Sunny Day in Galway Ireland – Eyre Square

I swear its all lie what they say about it always being rainy in Ireland, lol. I have been extremely lucky to have some of the sunniest days everywhere I have been thus far on the island. This is a place called Eyre Square in Galway Ireland and is the city centre. Actually not many people know this but the name was changed officially to John F. Kennedy Memorial Park but is most commonly known as its former official name Eyre Square. I only had a few minutes to take pictures of the park this time as I was in the process of making over to my aunts after a bit of tear in Dublin. I was a hurting unit for sure! I will be there again and will take some better pics of the entire park and probably a solid video of some of the very talented buskers around the park. Its a pity as the other night I was walking through and a traditional Irish fiddler was playing in the middle of the park and it would have been a great video to grab but my alas camera was dead.