Idaho Shakespeare Festival Boise

All the World’s a Stage, but the stage at The Idaho Shakespeare Festival in Boise is a Must-see!

Photo Credit: DKM Photography courtesy of Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

The Idaho Shakespeare festival in Boise… To go, or not to go? That is the Question……… Who am I kidding GO OF COURSE!

Idaho might not be a premiere travel destination, but if you find yourself visiting on business or for family, there is a lot to do, especially in the capital. Boise is home to an active nightlife, with entertainment options for people of all interests. One of my favorite things to do in the summers is to go to performances of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. Not only is it an awesome theatrical experience in a great outdoor venue, but you can also bring your own food and drinks, which can help make it an affordable “dinner and a show” outing.


The Idaho Shakespeare Festival Amphitheater and Reserve is not only a great place for a show (the acoustics are lovely), but it’s also home to a variety of beautiful plants and animals. I always arrive early so I can walk around the grounds and admire the flowers.
Being outside, you can sit in the grass on blankets or in low-backed chairs, or sit in provided chairs. There are even seats with tables available, though they are picnic tables, so you’ll still want to hold on to your drinks.

Idaho Shakespeare Festival Boise

Photo Credit: DKM Photography courtesy of Idaho Shakespeare Festival.


Like most Shakespeare festivals, the venue does not limit themselves to the works of William Shakespeare (or Edward De Vere, Christopher Marlow, or anyone else you might believe penned “The Tempest”). The 2012 and 2013 seasons featured Sweeney Todd, The Winter’s Tale, and Noises Off. The 2014 festival promises Deathtrap, As You Like It, Les Miserables, Merry Wives of Windsor and Steel Magnolias.

The season runs from May 30th- September 28th, and all shows are performed in the amphitheater, which seats over 700 people and is specially designed to project the human voice. Tickets can be purchased for individual shows or in various package options. There are student discounts, and early bird specials as well. Please note that kids 6 and under are only permitted on family nights.

Atmosphere and Food

As an outdoor theater that allows patrons to bring their own refreshments, the atmosphere of most shows is quite casual. Alcoholic beverages are not only allowed, but practically encouraged, and most people can be seen drinking local wines.

There is a café on the premise where you can purchase snacks and drinks. If you decide to bring your own (we always pack some fun picnic snacks from Whole Foods), be sure to pack sturdy dinnerware. You are outside after all, and once the show is over, there is always a mad rush to the parking lot in an attempt to beat traffic.
Kids under six are only permitted on designated family nights. As a theatre enthusiast I do appreciate this, as young children can be quite disturbing. I do love that they have the family nights though, as I believe in raising children to appreciate the joys of the arts.

So if you happen to be in Boise, check out the Shakespeare Festival. There are actors who have been in the program for 27 years, so you’re guaranteed to see the work of seasoned veterans who truly love the theater.

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