Selfies from around the world

Selfies from people around the world

There is nothing like taking a good old selfie

Hey guys here is my second collaborative post of selfies from people around the world. There are some really good ones in this post so let me know which one is your favorite down in the comments section. Please note all images are posted in the order they were received. This post is part of our group posts section, check out some of our other great group posts after this awesome one!


1. Skydiving in Hungary – Jasper Ribbers from The Traveling Dutchman

Sky Diving Hungary

This is one Epic selfie!

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2. Sailing into Genoa, Italy – Rebbecca Hall from Leaving Cario

Sailing Genoa Italy

I think being on a huge ocean liner like this would be a good time. Well at least for a little bit.

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3. Skiing in Dubai – Lance and Laura from Travel Addicts

skiing in Dubai

Indoor skiing! This makes Dubai seem somewhat more appealing to me.

Skiing in the desert? It’s absolutely possible. We took this selfie on the lift at Ski Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It’s hot out in the desert, but ice cold on the ski ramps. This is a surreal spot to visit and was one of the highlights of our trip to the Lower Gulf region!

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4. Tuk Tuk in India – Nadia from London

Thailand Tuk Tuk

Why do I get the feeling this was group selfie was not all that easy to take?

5. Pali Ke Kua Beach, Kauai – Krista and Riley from Around the World in Baby Days

Pali Ke Kua Beach Kauai

I am definitely missing the beach life. Only a few more months to go.

This picture was taken at Pali Ke Kua Beach the morning after our destination wedding in Kauai. It was really early and we were the only people on the beach besides some snorkelers, so we were forced to take the first non-wedding picture as husband and wife ourselves. I wish my arms were longer so I could have gotten more of the gorgeous scenery in the picture

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6. Skiing in Valmeinier, France – Adelina from Pack Me to

skiing Valmeinier France

I have to ski in Europe as I didn’t think it would be a powder experience but after seeing this it looks like it might be an amazing time!

This photo was taken in Valmeinier on a ski slope, located in the Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France. The snow at the top of the mountain was perfect: soft, and powdery.

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7. The Royal Temple Vientiane, Laos – Lindsay Lewis Thomas from The Traveluster

Royal temple Vientiane Laos

Imagine all the crazy things that went on in the Temple throughout the years.

This selfie was taken in Vientiane, Laos in front of the Royal Temple, Haw Phra Kaew. Originally constructed as a royal temple in 1565 to house the jade Buddha (which now resides in Bangkok), the temple now houses a museum of Buddhist art and architecture.

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8. Maroon Bells in Aspen – Antonette (female half of we12travel) from We12Travel

Maroon Bells Aspen

Biking and taking a selfie.. Challenge accepted!

Martijn (male half of we12travel) is the king of selfies. He manages to take them always, everywhere, anytime. And gosh – he even looks good in them. Me, on the other hand, I always have my eyes closed, am not looking into the camera or look like I have three chins. Or something like that. For our next trip, we have bought a Go Pro so we can now take even better selfies. We’ve planned to attach it to one of our hiking poles and yes, then we have … our own selfie stick! If you told me this 3 months ago, I would have been so embarrassed, but by now I believe that selfies actually have a future!

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9. Tower Bridge in London, England – Ashley from A Southern Gypsy

Tower Bridge London

I don’t think this post would be complete without a picture from London

This shot was taken in front of the Tower Bridge in London – in case that wasn’t too obvious by the picture itself. While in London with family, we disagreed on what to do one day so I just went off on my own for the entire day – navigating my way by foot and the tube until I was beyond exhausted. Regardless of having go out on my own, I wasn’t about to miss out on getting a picture of me infront of my favorite places though – which resulted in a whole lot of poorly taken selfies! Follow Ashley on Facebook and Twitter.

10. Making new friends in Scotland – Hannah from Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

Scotland Cow

lol this is such an awesome selfie

I’ve been told that the key to a memorable photo is to make sure you are in it, because chances are there are a million others out there that have the same shot. I have a feeling that most of those million other people probably have a better angle, a cooler composition, and better lighting. My photos may be silly, imperfect, and sometimes just plain awful- but they tell my story, and awkward ‘selfie’ or not, that’s something that will never be the same as someone else’s.

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11. Lyngseidet, Norway (arctic circle) – Victor Eekhof from Victor’s Travel’s

Lyngseidet Norway arctic circle

Being eaten by wolves in the arctic cirlce is a valid fear, trust me.

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12. Hot air balloon flying over the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt – Dawn Kealing from Life, Love and Adventure

Hot air balloon Luxor Egypt

Now this looks like a blast! So many hot air balloons.

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13. Croatia Family Selfie -Sarah from Chasing the Donkey

Suburb Privlaka Croatia

Got to love the family selfies!

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14. Dog made of flowers in Bilbao, Spain – Lew from Planet Lew

Bilbao Spain

Anyone else think this looks like a giant pinata?

This was taken while I was travelling by myself in Bilbao, Spain, on my way to meet a friend in San Sebastian. I was at the Guggenheim Museum (yes, they have one there too) and out the front was a huge statue of a dog made out of flowers. I thought it would be cool to get a photo with it. This is the result of me trying to take a selfie, rather unsuccessfully. A stranger even approached me to offer some help. Sprung! I decided to keep my version, as I thought it was pretty funny.

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15. Hiking in El Chalten, Argentina – Bob Ramsak from Piran Cafe

Hiking in El Chalten, Argentina

A selfie makes a pretty awesome souvenir in my books

I snapped this on my birthday during a day hike out of El Chalten, Argentina, last February, not far from Mt. Fitz Roy, the emblematic Patagonian peak. About 10 seconds later I heard chuckling behind me, courtesy of two young women, hikers from Recife, Brazil.

“Hey, it’s my birthday,” I said. “I needed a souvenir.”

They laughed again, and without missing a beat, broke into a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’, sung in an oddly melodic mix of Portuguese and English. I can still hear their amazing voices and see their beautiful smiles.

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16. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania – Meg Jerrard from Mapping Megan

Serengeti National Park Tanzania

Whoa! This is a really cool selfie. Those elephants did a good job at photo bombing as well.

Megan also did a great a post of selfies taken by travelers from around the world that you can see here. Be sure to follow Megan on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Well that is it! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and don’t forget to share it if you did and leave a me a comment!