Secrets About Adelaide That The Locals Don’t Want You To Know

The Adelaide locals have always thought their home was Australia’s best kept secret. Most tourists head straight for the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. They often forget about beautiful Adelaide. But if you’re currently planning a trip Down Under, it is a good idea to include this amazing city in your itinerary. Not convinced? We’ve been let in on some of the local’s secrets; maybe these can convince you.

Buzzing Festival Scene

Adelaide has an exciting festival scene. Most of these occur during March, which has given the month the nickname ‘Mad March’. One of the city’s biggest festivals is the Adelaide Festival. This festival of arts has a packed program of music, comedy, and contemporary arts. If runs for most of March, and during this time hotels and other accommodation in the city books up quickly. So make sure you plan your trip well in advance.

Sample The Coffee

Like most cities in Australia, Adelaide loves its coffee. So much so, that Australians claim the invented the Flat White. But New Zealanders will argue otherwise and claim the drink as their own! But whoever created it, you should definitely taste a Flat White while in Adelaide. There are many trendy coffee shops that serve a range of caffeinated beverages. There’s no way you’ll fall asleep during a busy day of sightseeing!

There’s Plenty To See And Do

Just because you might not have heard so much about Adelaide, doesn’t mean there is less to do there than in Sydney and Melbourne. If you want, you can always just sunbathe on the beach in summer. But there is so much culture waiting to be discovered! If you book an Adelaide city pass, you’ll be able to see so much stuff. For example, the Art Gallery of South Australia and the Migration Museum. Not sure which attractions to prioritize? Book onto a tour of the city for insider hints and tips.

Eat On Rundle and Gouger Streets

These two streets make up the culinary center of Adelaide. You will never struggle to find something delicious to eat if you are near these two streets. Trendy eateries and buzzy restaurants line both streets, and the range of cuisines on offer is very impressive. Authentic Australian kitchens will serve up unique takes on traditional food. For example, crocodile burgers. But you’ll also find many international restaurants, especially those inspired by various Asian cuisines.

Check Out Live Music And Gigs

Adelaide has a fantastic live music scene, and around 200 concerts take place in the city each year. Many bars and pubs host live music evenings and open-mic nights to showcase local talent. If you want to see the best local bands, head to the intimate New Edinburgh Castle, one of the city’s best live music venues.

So make sure the Adelaide locals don’t keep this gem of a city all to themselves and book your trip there right now! But don’t blow its trumpet too much once you’ve been. Otherwise, it may quickly become another tourist hotspot!