Quay Street Galway Ireland is Alive with the Sound of Music


What great way to be cruising the streets wasted. I took this video at 2am while on a dirty tear with my cousin going from pub to pub…. A pub crawl if you will. The guy was all mad when I took my first video of him so I threw in €5.00 into his fiddle case and then he all of a sudden had no problem doing it for me. But seeing how in Ireland you do not tip I had a pocket full of change and lets be honest I would have threw some change in his box anyhoo. Actaully if you decide to tip they look at you really strange and ask you are sure? All I says is damn right I am sure! I am rich Biatch! lol But back to the diddling fiddler who made for a great stop and experience on the streets of Galway. The street I found this gem on is called Quay street and it’s probably the best spot for to go and have a great time regardless of the day or the hour. I mean there are a bunch of really great places around Galway but if you want to do the pub crawl and experience the craziness that Galway is, then Quay street is the answer.

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