Guide to Mykonos Greece

A Guide To Planning A Summer Trip To Mykonos

If you’ve never been to Greece before, or even if you have, Mykonos is the perfect place for a summer vacation. Of all the places for a summer trip, Greece has to be one of the most beautiful. While parts of this amazing country are very rural, one place that isn’t is the Greek island of Mykonos.

Admittedly, it has some lovely countryside areas and small seaside towns. However, this glamorous island tends to be known for its partying and luxurious lifestyle, not its rural beauty. The best way to describe this tourist’s paradise is like a mix between Ibiza and St Tropez. It’s a glamourous and luxurious place, but also, somewhere that’s perfect for partying.

If this summer your planning on going Greek, this beautiful island could be the perfect place for you. To help you ensure that your trip is as fantastic as possible, we’ve put together a few tips and ideas, below:

Pick the perfect location

Because Mykonos has three sides to it; the party side, the luxe side and the relaxed side, it’s important that you’re choosy about where you stay. Of course, as it’s a smallish island, wherever you choose to stay, you can get to any other area. However, it’s always best to stay in an area that offers you the perfect vacation, instead of having to travel on a daily basis.

If you want a break that’s fun, luxurious or party-orientated, it’s best to stay in Mykonos town. This is the place that’s the life and soul of the island; it has plenty of restaurants and bars, shops, nightclubs, and lots of lovely beaches. Not only is it a party place but also somewhere that is full of luxury and glamour. If, however, you want a trip that’s a little more relaxed, then staying in one of the smaller towns on the island could be a better option.

Choose your accommodation carefully

Once you’ve selected your location, the next step is to pick your accommodation. There are plenty of options on offer, from luxe hotels to self-catered holiday cottages. Where you choose to stay is up to you, it’s just about finding the ideal place. If it’s luxury that you’re after, a Mykonos luxury villa could be the perfect accommodation option for you.

There are so many accommodation options to choose from, so whatever type of trip you’re after, there should be something suitable. To find the best deals on accommodation, do your research and explore the cost of each option.

Research the local sites and attractions

Although a smallish island, Mykonos is packed full of various things to do. In the town, there’s hundreds of shops to explore, as well as art galleries, museums, and a range of historic sites. Then there’s all the smaller towns to explore, as well as a beautiful selection of beaches. That’s why, it’s more than worth spending some time researching the island before you go, to make sure that you see and do everything that you want to.

Mykonos is one of the most amazing islands in Greece and the perfect place for a summer vacation. Whether you’re looking for fun, luxury, or a relaxing break, this amazing island is the perfect place.