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Top 5 places to visit while traveling to Brussels

Though Brussels is not a big city, still it can surprise you with the attractions it has. It is a usual thing, when you come to a new place, you always look around watching the architecture or the views surrounding you. Still, there are the places that make you walking around the city without tearing your eyes from everything that you observe.

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Marvelous Brussels is one of the most historical places in Europe. If you are a beer or chocolate lover, then you have to pick your things up and go to this amazing city as here you will have an opportunity to be a part of the beer festivals and taste the most delicious handmade chocolate.

So, let’s define the top 5 places to visit on your trip to Brussels.

The Grand Palace, the most famous city’s attraction. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is every year carpeted with one million of begonias which is an astonishing action and such a wonderful pleasure to the eye. The towers are 96 meters high and there’s a Saint Michael stature on the cap. The Grand Palace is one of the most stunning places in the Europe, that is certainly deserves your attention.

The Grand Palace Brussels

There is no person in this world, as for me, that has never heard of the Maneken Pis. This famous statue has been amusing the visitors from the seventeenth century. During its history, the Maneken Pis has had on various outfits. You can find its wardrobe that counts 760 outfits, in the museum of Brussels.

Maneken Pis Brussels

The Musical Instruments Museum that has 8000 instruments is the attraction you just have to have a look at. The collection of the museum represents the Belgium history, from the old instruments to the newest ones. You will be given the earphones and have an opportunity to listen to two hundred musical extracts of the instruments. To my mind, there’s no much more thrilling thing than to hear the sounds of every instrument, the sound of history. Music is the thing that touches the strings of your soul, no matter what instrument is playing. Just do not lose your chance to engross into the soul of Brussels.

The Musical Instruments Museum Brussels

If you ask the citizens of Brussels where they like to go to have a good rest, they will tell you about the city of Ghent. This city is filled with students, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants at your service; and just to have fun, there are opportunities for you to dance and sing, visit concerts and theaters.

Ghent Brussels Belgium

And, finally, the sweetest and most delicious place to go to in Brussels is the Maison du Chocolat. Do not lose the opportunity to watch the process of making of a large variety of chocolate delicacy. Belgium is known for its handmade chocolate and in this city; the chocolate became the international symbol of love. If you have never tasted the Belgium chocolate, your life is not that colorful yet. Taste it and enjoy every moment while the delicious piece is melting on your tongue.

Maison Du Chocolat Brussels

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