Plane shots from around the world

Pictures from around world at 30,000 feet

So this is how superman see’s the world!

So I decided to do a post about pictures from planes or of planes from around the world. I put out a request two weeks ago to friends, travel bloggers and anyone who was interested in submitting their photos. The response was overwhelming and here are the amazing pics I received. Enjoy! All the pics are seen in the order they were received.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Nicole Connolly & Michael Wright from Suitcase Stories

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Flying into Rio de Janeiro Brazil

This shot was taken as we were coming into Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It was our first time there so this beautiful sunrise was a lovely start to our visit to brazil. This photo will always be a reminder of our first visit to Rio and the warm welcome we received on arrival (Not just from the sun!). For more travel related content from Nicole and Michael be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Lesser Antilles – David Thompson from Dave’s Travel Corner

Lesser Antilles

View of the beautiful water around Lesser Antilles.

This was taken from about 35,000 feet up in the southern Caribbean over the Lesser Antilles. I was on my way to the island of Trinidad – flying from Houston when I woke up towards the end of the flight and happened to look down. I couldn’t get enough of the small islands and azure waters and made a mental note to return to this part of the Caribbean whenever I get the chance! Based on where we were in the flight – I suspect I took this photo somewhere around St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We were treated to this type of “window” scenery – mile after mile! For more information or to follow Dave you can follow him on Twitter.

3. Providenciales, Turks & Caicos – West Jet and Westjet Vacations

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

A pic from Westjet’s winglet Wednesday series of Turks and Caicos.

I contacted Westjet on their official twitter account, @westjet, to be part of this post as I was always a fan of their winglet Wednesday series on facebook that features pics like these from anywhere Westjet flies and they responded with this amazing picture of Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. To see more of their pictures from planes check out their winglet Wednesday series on Facebook here.

4. England – Meghan from Canada


This photo somewhere over England rocks! Love the engine wavy things. lol

This was taken over England. Meghan loves this because of the wavy effect.. which is from the planes engines! You can follow more of Meghan’s adventures on Instagram @megfoles.

5. Las Vegas – Marysia Maciocha from My Travel Affairs

Las Vegas

Love this pic of Nevada!

This picture has been taken from the Twin Otter Vistaliner plane which I took while flying from Las Vegas to South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, back in summer of 2010. This plane is a STOL, meaning short take off and landing. It allow slow and stable flights, perfect for viewing above picturesque regions. The whole flight was spectacular, rivers, desert, canyon. But this just amazed me, how small and organized those houses looked! To learn more about Marysia you can find her on: Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

6. Bangkok – Bethany Davies from Flashpacker Family and Go Click Travel.


Sunrise over Bangkok.

I snapped this beautiful sunrise on a Bangkok Airways flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui. A view like this makes it all worth getting up at 3am for the trip to the airport.

7. Greenland – Henriette Bokslag and her freelance travel blog, Henriette Bokslag


Greenland is not so Green! Love this shot.

I would like to share this shot that I took while I was flying with Air Transat from Amsterdam to Canada. I always sleep while I’am in a airplane but for some reason I woke up and looked out the window. What I saw was this amazing white world, we were flying above Greenland. For more about Henriette follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

8. NYC to Ottawa – Adelina from Pack me to

NYC to Ottawa

Super cool shot taken on a flight from NYC to Ottawa.

This photo was taken on a flight from New York City to Ottawa. I took it because of the interesting cloud formation in the sky, how on one half of the image, it is completely dark with a storm cloud, and a little further on, the clouds look less angry, slowly clearing up. Make sure to follow Adelina on Facebook and Twitter.

9 and 10. The Swiss Alps and Las Vegas Nevada – Jessica from A Passion and a Passport

Swiss Alps

Another great pic of the Alps… I wonder if there are any Yodelers down there?

Taken over the Swiss alps in route to Israel

Las Vegas Nevada

This is on route to Las Vegas. I have never seen that body of water before. when flying into Vegas.

Arriving in Las Vegas, Nevada, from New York

You have to check out more of Jessica’s pictures from a plane on similar post on her blog here. You can also follow Jessica on Facebook and Twitter.

11. Hawaiian Islands – Kimmy and Drew from After Globe


Wow is all I have to say to this pic!

Flying to the Hawaiian Islands always provides spectacular opportunities to take beautiful pictures from the air. As the islands come into view you can see volcanoes, beaches, waterfalls, valleys, and so much more. The anticipaton to land builds as you fly over getting a tour of paradise below. Follow Kimmy and Drew on Facebook and Twitter.

12. San Diego, California – Toccara from My Travel Days

San Diego

Love this photo of San Diego!

Here’s a shot I took on my iPhone 4S (then Instagrammed) flying into San Diego, California. I love flying over the water, freeway, and downtown seconds before touching down in one of America’s Finest Cities… and where I call home! Be sure to follow Toccara on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest.

13 and 14. Fiji – Lindsay Lewis Thomas from The Traveluster


Oh man does Fiji look like a cool place to visit.

On our honeymoon, my husband and I flew on a tiny puddle-jumper that seated 6 people (including the captain) on Fiji Airways. We island hopped from Viti Levu to Taveuni, back to Viti Levu, and then to Kadavu island (where this photo was taken) and back.


That water is blue and clear. I want to swim there now!

I loved these short and low flights because we could see the gorgeous barrier reefs and technicolor water surrounding the islands. We went to Fiji for the phenomenal diving, so it was fascinating to get a birds-eye view of the reefs we explored. For more about Lindsay and her travel you follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest.

15 and 16. Ireland and the Eastern Seaboard United States – Christa Thompson from The Fairy Tale Traveler


This is just an amazing shot of Ireland!

This picture was taken over the fields of Ireland

Eastern Seaboard US

If there was only a way you could know exactly where in the world you are.

Flying somewhere over the Eastern seaboard in the USA.

For more from Christa follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

17. Great Plains – Joey from Canada

Great Plains

This is winter over the Great Plains but imagine seeing a Tornado from a plane.

Great Plains just south of 49th parallel. Somewhere over tornado alley.

18. Tierra del fuego – Gabor and Rachele from Surfing the Planet

Tierra del Fuego

Shot of Tierra del Fuego. I like this one a lot.

Our shot was taken when our plane flew over the remote Tierra del Fuego National Park in the South of Argentina. I was really impressed with the image of this rough landscape, but what I liked the most was this little greenish lake between the mountains, which made the scenery much more vivid and lovely. You can follow Gabor and Rachele on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram or Pinterest.

19. Antarctica – Victor Eekhof from Victor’s Travel’s


Really like this shot of Antarctica!

Victor is a young travel blogger exploring the planet the only way he knows how! This shot was take on a flight from Puntas Arenas (Chile) to Antarctica. You can follow Victor and his adventures on: Facebook or Twitter.

20 and 21. The Rocky Mountains and Cornwall, England – Pheobe M. from Short Road to Happy

The Rocky Mountains

If you have flown over the Rockies they you know this sight very well.

I’m not home much, so I was flying to the west coast to visit some friends I hadn’t seen in about 5 years. It’s easy to forget how beautiful your own country is when you’ve been away for so long.

Cornwall England

It is crazy to think that this is a picture or England! I would think Greece.

We had just quit our jobs in Beijing, sold everything and were heading back to England to prepare for our motorbike trip around Europe. This photo was taken just moments before landing, so there was a lot of excitement behind this shot.

You can catch more cool travel related post or information from Pheobe on Faceook, Twitter and Instagram

22. Ecuador – Paula Bonnet from La mochila sin destino


Somewhere over Chile or Ecuador!

I took this when I was flying from Ecuador to Chile, the flight that marked the end of my 3-month trip across South America. I had run out of money and had to go back. I was so sad and dissapointed but the truth is that just looking at this beautiful sunset makes me now realize that when you’re travelling even the saddest moments feel beautiful and monumental. Follow Paula on Twitter @paulibonnet.

23. The North Pole – Justin Nomad from Unesco Geek

North Pole

I would love to go hang out in the North Pole!

This photo was taken on a flight from Chicago to Hong Kong, doing the north route over the North Pole. I thought the glaciers and icecaps of the North Pole were amazing and a once in a lifetime view, so I took the picture. Beautiful place. Also to be noted, this was midnight. Be sure to follow Justin on Facebook and Twitter.

24. Germany to Croatia – Noel Morata from Travel Photo Discovery

Germany Croatis

This could be Croatia or this could be Germany. Either way it is an amazing pic!

Flying way up high at over 30,000 foot elevation and looking out at the world everything looks so small…even the clouds are so far below. Flying from Germany to Split in Croatia, the scene below is very fertile green land with many patchwork farms in thin strips of land. I’m wondering where I really am at this exact point in time? Want more from Noel? You can check out his official photography website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

25. Alps – Stephanie Mayo from The World As I See It

The Alps

I have always wanted to go to the Alps. Someday soon I hope.

In the middle of the day on an almost cloudless spring day the sun was shining on the Alps as we passed overhead. I had seen these stunning mountains from driving through by train, and while hiking them in Switzerland, but this was my first sight of them by air and it took my breath away – so much so I had to take a picture in case my mind ever needed a reminder of the glorious beauty of the natural world. Be sure to follow Stephanie on Facebook and Twitter

26. Everglades – Helen Anne Travis of From Way Up High


The everglades look really col from high up!

I love this shot of Florida’s west coast. It shows how Naples and Marco Island are the last blips of humanity before the state is swallowed by the Everglades. Be sure to follow Helen and see more window seat shot on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

27. Wellington, New Zealand – Angela from Canada


Cool pic taken from a plane of the reflection of the plane.

Believe it or not this photo was taken from my seat looking at the reflection of my aircraft landing at Wellington airport NZ.

28. Sydney, Australia – Kelly from Canada


Love this pic a lot! Probably my favorite of the bunch.

This picture was taken from my flight leaving Sydney Australia. I could not have taken it at a better time as the shadow of our plane was right there!

29. Shannon Estuary Ireland – Rachel from Ireland

Shannon Ireland

This is a wicked pic of taking off from Shannon airport in Ireland.

Taking off out of Shannon Ireland getting clear skies is quite rare. I got lucky with this photo and it is absolutely amazing!

30. Cancun Airport – Matt from Canada


On runway leaving Cancun Mexico.

Matt from Canada just came back from Cancun and snapped this pic while leaving on the runway.

31. Nevada to California – Beth from Besudesu Abroad

Las Vegas

Another body of water I have never seen flying into Vegas…

On a flight from Nevada to California, I looked out the window right as we were passing over Lake Mead, which is the largest reservoir in the United States. The icy blue water contrasting against the dusty red mountains was absolutely stunning. It certainly made me want to visit this place by foot at some point in my life. Be sure to follow Beth on Facebook and Twitter.

32. Southern New Jersey – Oren from 42nd Class

Super cool shadow of the Pilot!

Super cool shadow of the Pilot!

Before my wife and I started traveling, I was a pilot in my spare time. My father built a small 2-seater airplane (an RV-6A), and I got to fly up and down the East Coast on beautiful days. On one day, somewhere over Southern New Jersey, the sun the the plane at just the right angle, and I saw an great shadow of myself on the wing. I know it’s not the traditional plane shot you were looking for, but this one always brings a smile to my face! Hope you like it! Don’t forget to follow Oren on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

33 and 34. Cancun and Guatemala – Dawn Kealing from Life, Love and Adventure


Beautiful how the you see the depth changes in the water.

This first photo was taken just as we were reaching land again before landing in Cancun, Mexico.


The second photo was taken somewhere over Central America, I am guessing Guatemala. 😛 I took it while I was flying to Guatemala in October last year. For more stuff from Dawn follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

35. Dubai – Erin Bender from Travel with Bender

[caption id="attachment_784" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Dubai Definitely going to start flying with Emirates!

Our Emirates plane heading from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Perth, Australia. It will be hard to fly with anyone ever again. The staff were so friendly, the seats actually had leg room, the food was delicious and there is over 600 channels on the free entertainment system. 11 hours on this plane went so fast compared to a few hours on a budget flight. Follow more of Erin’s and her families adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

36. Tonga – Kate from Around The World Food


How cool would it be to just hang out on one of those beaches by yourself!

It’s the Ha’apai Island group in Tonga. I was leaving after an extremely wet trip there
in rainy reason. Flights had been cancelled due to the rain so it was a relief to be getting back to the capital in one piece! Be sure to follow Kate on Facebook

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and please be a doll and share this! Also be sure to leave a comment a tell me which one you like best!

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