Oink Edinburgh Hog Roast is to Die For!

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I don’t even know how I am going to put into words how amazing the food is at Oink and how grateful I am that a fellow Australian traveler I met in Belfast told me about it. If it wasn’t for Nathan “Wombat” Burns, I don’t think I would have ever stumbled upon Oink Edinburgh Hog Roast in the few day I was in town.

So first off I have to say that from a business perspective Oink is such an amazing idea. Basically their business model is to roast a full pig everyday, sell it in rolls with your choice of toppings and then once the pig is done the day is done. Pretty cut and dry and from what I can tell they sell out pretty well every single day.

oink edinburgh hog roast

Probably some of the most intelligent branding I have ever seen!

Now onto the official menu which you can see below. They conveniently break down their menu into a step by step process in order to keep the queue moving. This kinda made me think of the “soup nazi” episode from Seinfeld for some reason but I assure you the staff are very pleasant and make your experience at Oink that much better. First you have to choose what how much meat you would like on your bun. Your choice are as follows: 80kg (Piglet), 160kg (Oink) or 250kg (Grunter). I of course went for the 250kg Grunter! Your next step is to choose a white or brown bun and what type of topping you want with it. You can either have sage and onion stuffing or Haggis. I chickened out and just went with the stuffing but I regret not doing the haggis. Then your final step is to choose one of the four relishes, Apple Sauce, BBQ, mild chilli or chilli cheese (hot). Having lived in Calgary Alberta for many years and eating my share of BBQ I decided to go with the apple sauce as I felt it would be more traditional to the area. Tough decision but I think I made the right one.

Oink Edinburgh Menu

Sometimes simple is just better. I like that the menu was very straight forward and helped me make a decision faster.

Oink Grunter Edinburgh

It almost didn’t remember to take a pic I was so anxious to eat this monster….

Oink Grunter Sage Applesauce Edinburgh

Nice an sloppy just the way I like it! I think I am going to call this the Scottish pulled pork sandwich….

After the photo shoot I pretty well just inhaled this sandwich and barely took the time to breath. Every bite was like a slice of heaven. The pork was tender and extremely flavorful with just the right amount of garnish. Though it probably only took me a minute to eat I remember it like it was just yesterday. I am actually salivating right at this very moment thinking about the whole experience. Oink hog roast is now tied for the best pork I am have ever had in my life and I eat a lot of pork.

Please please please if you enjoy pork and sloppy delicious pork rolls then do not miss your opportunity to go to Oink in Edinburgh. They are located in the Grassmarket very close to Edinburgh Castle from 11am to 6pm (or until the pork runs out) and on Saturdays can be found at the Farmers market Castle Terrace between 9am – 2pm. Check out both the maps below for locations. For more information you can also visit their website: Oink Hog Roast Edinburgh, Facebook page: Oink Facebook or Twitter: @OinkEdinburgh.

Oink Grassmarket Location

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Oink Farmers Market Location

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