Monroes Pub, Galway Ireland – Live Music, Great Pints, Great People

This place was incredible! I was told that despite the recession that hit Ireland this was the one place that would still busy and have lineups around the corner. Funny story we were almost not allowed in because my cousin apparently had a ban that he did not remember about. Looks like genetics win this round again! But they decided that enough time had past and they we could go in and enjoy the evening. In this pub there is this giant stage and lucky me a Pink Floyd cover band was playing and they were throwing out all the stops! Like they did not miss a single sound of any of the tracks and the light show was very trippy man and n’sync with the music… lol. I got a video of comfortably numb running 11:38 but it keeps timing out when I try and export with youtube settings. I will try again in a tomorrow or send it off to someone to get it exported properly in the right format. Enough nerd talk, also in this amazing place they have a “disco” that gets yo feet moving. I did not go check it out cause I was to interested in the Pink Floyd cover band which really was that good!

The people here were also very nice and down to earth. Everyone I talked to wanted to do some jager bombs or something like it and party like there was no tomorrow and that is what we did! So if you are ever in Galway and want to hear some live music, shake your feet and meet some nice people then Monroes Pub is the place for you!

Sharo! I say Shaaaro! Daylight come and met wanna go home?