Luxury Skiing French Alps

Luxury Skiing in the French Alps

If you love life on the piste, then a skiing holiday could be just the thing. There are places to ski all over the world, from Chile to Japan and each offers its own perspective. After you have spent considerable sums in travel, you may find yourself having to compromise on location or resort. If you are all about the skiing and don’t care where you are, it would be wise to look no further than France.

The French Alps have long been established as one of the world’s premier skiing destinations. The reasons for this are diverse. Mont Blanc (which is the highest mountain in Western Europe) is situated there. Not only do you have some of the planet’s finest mountain ranges, but you also have the French way of life and all that includes.

Despite being somewhat a mecca for skiers from across the globe, there is something for everyone. Even if you are trying skiing for the first time, you can get just as involved as everybody else by joining people on a beginner course. At the other end of the spectrum there are challenging runs that would put even seasoned veterans through their paces!

Other than the actual skiing, there are other great activities to explore. Most, if not all, chalet resorts will have ways of unwinding after a hard day on the slopes. In resorts such as the ones over at you could enjoy a spa treatment. Maybe follow it up with dinner at a lovely restaurant and drinks in the bar. The views from the chalets are spectacular and an excellent accompaniment to a great evening. It is safe to say that you would have some of the most impressive holiday snaps among your friends that year!

If you fancy some time away from the snow, there are lots of villages and towns in the French Alps. One of the best known is Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. This area is known as the French Capital of Alpinism; such is the history surrounding it. The town centre is one of the largest in the French Alps. It has coffee shops, fine dining restaurants and a lively bustling atmosphere.  Fabulous shopping areas cater for the high-end shoppers.

Chamonix Mont Blanc France

Image From Flickr:Chamonix Mont Blanc France

Even though skiing is the main thing to do here, there is a whole host of other physical events to take part in. You may be more into snowboarding and could visit one of the dedicated snowboard parks. There is the option to try your skills on snowshoes and see what it’s like to travel Eskimo style! In the summer months, the area provides access to mountain hiking and mountain biking. It is hard to imagine doing either in a place more suited than the French Alps.

Overall, a French Alps trip can involve some of the best skiing on Earth, but much much more besides. Any level of ability can join in during the day and take in the atmosphere at night. There truly is something for everyone, see you on the slopes!