kayak fishing trips

Make Your Kayak Fishing Trip Smooth Sailing with These Steps

Kayak fishing has become a popular outdoor pursuit for many anglers. Fishing from a kayak can be a quieter way to do it, so there’s less disturbance in the water. It’s also environmentally friendly, which appeals to a lot of people. If you enjoy kayak fishing or you would like to give it a try, some time away from it all could be just the thing for you. You need to plan your trip carefully, however. There are lots of things to think about, from transporting your kayak to fishing safely from the boat. Here are some of the things you should do to get your trip of the ground.

Kayak Fishing on Bear Creek Lake

Photo by Virginia State Parks Staff Kayak Fishing on Bear Creek Lake

Decide Where to Go

Choosing where to go should be your first step, and there are several things to consider. Some people want to be somewhere remote, while others prefer to have other people nearby. The most important thing to check is where you are allowed to kayak and fish. In some waters, you won’t be able to enter with your boat or do any fishing. In others, you will have to have a licence to be able to do either. If you want to stay close to home, start by looking up kayak fishing spots near you. If you’re willing to go anywhere, check out some of the best kayak fishing destinations.

Transport Your Kayak or Arrange Hire

You can’t do any kayak fishing without a kayak. If you’re not already away, a fishing kayak is different to one you would use just to paddle. They are usually “sit on top” models, meaning you don’t sit in a cockpit. The kayak has features to help you fish, such as somewhere to put your rod. Fishing kayaks are often lightweight and easier to transport than, for example, a sea kayak or touring kayak. However, they can still be very bulky, and you need to transport them appropriately. Many people tie them to the roof of their vehicle, while others use trailers. If you don’t have a kayak, you need to hire one at your destination.

kayak fishing trips

Photo by Marcom66 Kayak Fishing Trip

Sort Out Accommodation

You’re going to need somewhere to stay while you enjoy your trip. You might choose to stay in a nearby hotel. However, most people want to go kayak fishing to get away from it all. Camping is often the preferred form of accommodation. But if it’s a bit too rough for you, there are alternatives. You might like to consider a fifth wheel or motorhome, which you could base at a campground. You won’t be in the middle of nowhere, but you won’t be in the hustle and bustle of a busy town either. Plus, it can make transporting your kayak and equipment much easier.

Keep Safety in Mind

Remember to think about safety during your whole trip. You must wear a buoyancy aid while you’re in your boat, and be aware of conditions on the water. It’s always best to go out in your kayak with at least one other person, and it’s even better if you’re aware of rescue techniques.

Kayak fishing can be relaxing and exciting in equal measures. Make sure your trip goes well by planning carefully.