What To Do In The Historic Luxury Of The Dordogne Valley

Dordogne is a region In the gorgeous southwestern Aquitaine of France of the like you’ve never experienced before. It boasts beautiful views, rich history and culture so far from the modern hustle and bustle. Today, we’re going to take you through some of the aspects that makes Dordogne one of the best destinations for a true luxury holiday. Enjoy the rich countryside and lavish delights that makes the region so famous for indulgent holidaying.


Before you go, ensure that you have everything you need. A holiday of luxury and relaxation needs the be well prepared for, after all. Make sure you take a look at our checklist before you go to make sure you got everything you need for a trip of endless relaxation and luxuries.

Castle Dordogne river at Meyronne

Image Source: Castle Dordogne river at Meyronne


From rustic country homes to top-notch hotels, the region has a wide berth of choices for places to stay. For those who prefer to feel the country around them, there are also some of the choicest camping spots in the continent. You can wake up to the sights and sounds of the Dordogne river. Catch your own breakfast and, if you’re lucky, sight of the beautiful herons that famously inhabit the area. If you prefer true luxury, however, you might want to consider one of the villas in the Dordogne valley. Stay well nestled within the beauty of the vineyards, with your own pool and plenty of fantastic vacation sights in reach.

Beynac Castle Village  Dordogne

Image Source: Beynac Castle Village Dordogne


A village nestled in the valley of the Dordogne river, this is a quiet, welcoming spot for any vacation-seeker. The locals live an easy-going life on the river, surrounded by the beauty of a town built into the rising rocks. This easily makes one of the most beautiful views in France, if not the whole of western Europe. Climb the ancient stairs and weathered inclines to explore the village as you might have done centuries ago. Keep going, still, to see the imposing fortress, which has stood in one form or another since the tenth century. The castle has seen through the Norman conquest, the Hundred Years War and the nation-wide fire that was the revolution. As you might imagine, it doubles as a museum like no other.

Dordogne River France

Image Source: Dordogne River France

Explore the river

Known as the Grand Aygue, it is the river that makes the region of Dordogne. Curving around Beynac and its stalwart fortress, it takes you to six other chateaux in the area and through countless lush woods. It’s a peaceful, but not a lonely journey, with captains often leading their Gabarres up the river. It takes strength and control these heavy-ruddered boats through the bends and rushes. You can get a tour leading you through the Aquitaine region up the Dordogne. Take the time to taste the truffles, wine and oysters the region is so well loved for as you sail along. You can take in all the sights from an aerial view, too, soaring over the valley in a hot air balloon.

Wine Tasting in Drogogne France

Image Source: Wine Tasting in Drogogne France


Of course, any luxury French holiday requires taking in the local vintage and visiting the Dordogne valley is by no means different. The vineyards in the valley are famous, from Bordeaux to Bergerac. There are plenty of tours you can take in the area to experience the newest and oldest prepared wines of the region. Taste some of the best wine in the world, surrounded by the lovingly maintained vineyards of their origins.