Heineken Experience Brewery Tour Amsterdam is a blast!

The Heineken Experience Brewery Tour is extremely well done!

All I can say is wow! The Heineken experience brewery tour was so awesome it took me two days to finish it. You can really see the Dutch people’s attention to detail and perfectionism on this tour. From the very beginning the tour already had me all excited and this was just from the bracelet they give you for proof of purchase. Its a souvenir in itself and you actually need to use it in order to get your free samples and a free gift at the end of the canal tour. I have been on some brewery tours in the past and definitely enjoyed them but not nearly as much as this one. They offer a ton of chances to sample the beer and also offer discounted cases from convenient virtual ordering stations throughout the tour. As I mentioned I did not finish the tour till the next day as I was a little to “coffee’d up” and drank to much Heineken on the tour. At one point they tell you take the beer down in one sip and well I of course did this but was the only one, everyone was looking at me like I was nuts. The bonus to doing this was that I got a another free Heineken while I had to wait for the others to finish their drinks. It all worked out in the end though cause the last part of the tour is a nice boat ride on the canal in the official Heineken boat back into downtown. My hostel happened to be just around the corner from the brewery (uptown) and I had to get to the train station anyways (downtown) so it saved me from having to cab or walk with all my stuff. That and I met some new friends on the boat a fellow Canadian and Colombian lad. Me and Romel (Colombian) shared a beer chug on the boat and we all shared each others current travelling experiences which was nice. The only shitty part is I forgot to get my free gift so I guess that means I have to go back again to get it and that I still have yet to finish the Heineken experience. Check out some images from my time there below.

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