The Heineken Brewery – The Bottling Process is Very Impressive

I only remember this part of the tour because of the video I took!

I am so glad that I have a natural instinct to be pulling my phone out and taping things cause at this point in the day I think I had a little to much “coffee” and Heineken. I do actually remember this but like this video is blurry at times so is my memoryy. But what I do remember is you can actually watch your bottles be bottled and then order them at the end of the bottling line electronically. It is actually a very smart marketing ploy as they have you watch the bottle be cleaned, filled, capped, labelled then funnel you into electronic screens asking you to buy a case for pick up at the end of the tour. I was very impressed with this and could only imagine the amount of money they make from this. I personally did not buy a case as there was a sweet deal at my hostel that day on Vodka but if you like the novelty of drinking the beer you potentially saw bottled then this is for you!

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