Check Out These Greek Destinations For The Ultimate Historical Experience

When you’re looking for some history and culture, then you won’t find much better than Greece. Ancient Greece is full of wonder, and much of its history is still evident today. Much of what we know in Western Civilization today has come from the Ancient Greeks. There are many amazing sites to see. Take a vacation to Greece this summer to see what life was like over two thousand years ago:


The city of Athens relishes in its history. Much of it has been preserved, although time has obviously taken its toll. The Acropolis sits above the city and is one of the most famous buildings in Ancient Greece. It is an ancient Citadel and contains the historical Parthenon. The Agora was an open-air market that bustled for hundreds of years with trade. You can find these important sites and more when you visit ancient Athens.


This incredibly important area of Greece sits proudly on the UNESCO list. It is home to six monasteries and was formed 60 million years ago. This is the place to visit when you’re looking for action and adventure. Some say the area is like the surface of some faraway planet. You’ll need a good tolerance to the heat in summer and the cold in winter. And you’ll also need a lot of stamina to navigate the weird and wonderful landscape that makes this place so incredible.

Coastline and Islands

The coastlines and islands of Greece have been used for centuries for trade, settlements, fishing and more. Nowadays, they are used by tourists who enjoy the sandy beaches, some of the best luxury properties in Greece, and the crystal clear waters. Many of the islands are uninhabited, and some offer excellent insights into the native wildlife. Spetses is one of the most iconic of the places you’ll find here. It is beautiful with its scattered Venetian and Neoclassical mansions. You’ll also delight at the unique pebble mosaic courtyards These are often used by horse-drawn carriages.

Rhodes Island

One of the most historically important islands is Rhodes Island. The Old Town is well preserved and offers an insight into medieval European towns. The Colossus is one of the seven wonders of the world.  It is definitely worth seeing it in person in the context of the town.  The strong walls and castle are still architecturally impressive and an engineering feat worth visiting.


For those that love sport, visiting the original home of the Olympics must certainly be on your To Do list. Mount Kronion is the sacred spot you’ll want to see. Zeus was worshiped in Olympia from the tenth century BC, and the Olympics began two hundred years later.  The Altis is an incredible temple and is home to a huge collection of Ancient Greek treasures.  You could easily get lost in the stories of this amazing place.

Greece truly offers a spectacular array of historical sites and treasures for you to see. Many of the things you can see and do here are free to enjoy. They are also part of the World’s Heritage, and should be treated accordingly.  Enjoy Ancient Greece.