Great American Road Trips You Can’t Miss

If you want to see as much of America as possible at a leisurely pace, the best option has to be an epic road trip. You can go fast enough that you get to take in vast swathes of the country. But you can also take your time and absorb all the scenery as you drive through it. There are some legendary road trips around the country that everyone should consider doing. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on these must-drive routes, there are a few you should tick off first. Try the ones below to experience a broad range of landscapes that will thrill and excite you.

Route 66

When you think of road trips in the US, Route 66 is probably one of the first, if not the first, that you think of. This legendary road trip takes you from Illinois to California. It passes through many markers of American history and pop culture. Driving this route will no doubt remind you of many movies, as well as books, music, and more. Of course, one of the important parts of a road trip is where to stop along the way. Notable points include the Texola ghost town on the border of Oklahoma and Cadillac Ranch, west of Amarillo, Texas.

great american road trips

Source: Derek Swanson – Montana – Route 66

Pacific Coast Highway

A lot of people would rather drive along a coast than through the middle of the country. If you’re all about the ocean, the Pacific Coast Highway is the road trip route for you. This trip is ideal to take with a fifth wheel trailer or other RV. You can drive during the day and pull up at some beautiful campgrounds along the way. The trip takes you up (or down) the Californian coast, between San Luis Obispo and Monterey. Along the way, you’ll see some incredible ocean views, and there’s the opportunity to take a side trip to the Paso Robles wine country too. Bracketed between the sea and the mountains, you’re sure to feel at peace.

Great River Road

Exploring the country’s second longest river, the Mississippi, is a must. The Great River Road takes you from North to South, winding from Minnesota to Louisiana. Such a lengthy road trip between very different parts of the country is sure to show you a diverse side to America. There’s a lot of history in the river and its surroundings, and it symbolizes the country in a lot of ways. You might want to create several sections for your trip so that you can note the difference between terrains and cultures.

great river road

Source: Dave Herholz Great River Road

The Loneliest Road

If you’re looking for something isolated, this road in Nevada will give you some alone time. Although it goes through a mostly uninhabited region, it does follow the Pony Express route. There are gas stations and cafes along the way, so you can stop and take a break. At night, you’ll have a clear view of the stars, with no light pollution to disturb you.

The Loneliest Road

Source: Daniel Hoherd The Loneliest Road

Of course, you don’t have to stick to the legendary road trips. If there’s somewhere you want to go, why not invent your own? Tell us where you’d go in the comments?