free accomodation when travelling

How to Get Free Accommodations When Traveling

The thought of traveling the world for a long period of time is extremely exciting and some. But the thing is that not all of us can afford traveling for along time. Luckily, though, there are ways for us to cut down our travel expenses, and that is finding ways to get accommodation for free. Yes, that is possible!

Before thinking that I am only messing around, listen first to what I have to say. I’ve been traveling for more than a year now and how do you think I survived? Because of the money I worked hard for and saved? That’s one thing. For only spending on the cheapest things as possible to get by? Yes, that’s definitely another reason. But one thing I never expected on my travels that helped me a lot save my money is getting accommodations for free.Below are 4 effective ways to earn free accommodation on the road:

Hospitality Exchanges

hospitality exchanges
The first hospitality service called Servas Open Doors was founded by Bob Luitweiler in 1949. In the year 1965, John Wilcock created the Traveler’s Directory as a listing of his friends whoarewilling to host each other while they are traveling.

Although these clubs have existed for a lot of years, the websites where you can find free accommodations are Couchsurfing and Global Freeloaders.

Both of these websites have gained its popularity for the last decades. These days, free beds have become more and more available throughout all over the United States as well as other parts of the world.

The way these websites offer the free sleeping space is by signing up those who enjoy having a foreign guest or being one. One of the members then lets the traveler use an extra room or couch for the guest to stay for free.

To make sure the safety of both parties especially to those travelers who are enjoying the benefits of traveling alone, the websites have elaborate systems to screen out the wrong persons. They require verification check by providing official IDs and references.


Even though a lot of organizations require fees to be able to volunteer to make the world a better place, there are still some organizations that allow you to volunteer for free. Basically, you work for them and they give you accommodation (sometimes, even meals) in return. WWOOF(Willing Workers on Organic Farms) might be the first thing that popped out your mind, but this is not the only one. I have experienced painting wall at startup hostel, sold shirts at a music festival, translated menu for restaurants, and even milk a cow at a barn in exchange of free accommodations. For me personally, this is my most favorite way to earn free accommodation as it is culturally satisfying and at the same time, it helps me build up stronger relationships with the local. My favorite websites to get free accommodation from are Workaway and HelpX.

House sitting

house sitting
If you want to experience living like a local, as well as a real comfort, house sitting somebody’s home is the best thing you can do. There are homeowners who are happy to let you sleep in their home just to look after it when they can’t. The most common tasks of a house sitter are to water the plants, check the mail, look after the pets, and just to keep the house clean and secured.

There are a lot of websites and organizations that connecting the homeowners and house sitters. House sitting gigs can last for a few days to years.

Using Loyalty Programs and Travel Points

Okay, this is something many frequent travelers ignored. Using frequent flyer miles and rewards programs has become one of the best ways earn free hotel accommodation. These loyalty programs allow travelers to stay in hotels without spending a dime.

In addition to a comfortable stay, one can also use these reward points to get free meals and seat upgrades.

At first I thought the main benefit of this is to save money on my travel expenses, but eventually, I realized that the experience offered by it is more priceless. Meeting the locals and doing what they do give a sense of fulfillment that I can’t have if I choose to stay at an exclusive hotel or resort.

Other Tips on Saving Money on Accommodation

Looking for the right travel accommodation that suits you best can be one of the most tiring and time-consuming things to do when traveling, especially if you are on s budget. The World Wide Web is one of the easiest places to find affordable accommodation as getting deals and making the comparison is easier. But browsing online for the best hotels for you is not the only thing you can do to save money on your accommodation. Here are more tips to save big bucks on your adventure:

Use Price Comparison Sites

The reason as to why I recommend using comparison websites is because they amassed price quotes from different search engines and show them on their own websites. They allow you choose your hotel derived from your travel date, the duration of stay, and where you want to start. There are also some that let you tell the price you want to pay and present options derived from it. Once you get the final rate, it allows you to book through them for convenience.

Coupons Books and Daily Deal Sites

If you are on the hunt for cheap hotels that don’t compromise on services and comfort, using discount coupons would be a better choice. Discount websites and daily deal websites have coupons and travel deals that you are able to redeem when making reservations. But you need to be quick in choosing them up. You are also able to get coupons from books found at convenience stores and rest stops you arrive. Most of the time, they offer better deals compared to the deals offered on the official website of a particular hotel. This will definitely cut the rate of your travel expenses.

Choose a Travel Package

It’s like buying a travel plan in bulk; you are able to get it cheaper although you’re staying at a high priced hotel. It normally includes accommodation, meals, transportation, and tours. There are a lot of travel agencies that offer this kind of travel packages and they are reachable with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Visit During Off Season

If you are on a very strict budget and are looking for cheapest way to travel, then traveling during the low season would be your best bet. You will not only able to save on accommodations, but even plane tickets are normally at its lowest during off seasons. Through this, you are able to get an option that suits your budget without compromising the overall experience.

With the standard of living keeps on getting high day by day, we’re always looking for ways to save money while experiencing what the world has to offer. Fortravelista is your go-to guide to get affordable travel experience while seeing the world at the best perspective possible.