Guy flying like superman over Styrn, Norway

So there is no way I would ever do this even if I was paid 1 million dollars for it but with that being said I am extremely jealous of feeling this guy must have while doing it. Imagine jumping off a cliff and having to have complete faith in your equipment to function properly and stop you from hitting the ground. In this video he comes within a few metres of the ground and you even here the photographers comment “holy shit” as he passes by. I mean base jumping is crazy enough as it is but letting the wind take control of you in a wing suit while base jumping is just mental. Espen Fadnes was awarded the Worlds Fastest Flying Human Being in 2010 and you can see why. Apart from the insanity of the video it also gives a “birds eye” view of the beautiful area of Stryn, Norway. It definitely looks like a really cool place to visit and if you are lucky maybe you will get to see some wing suit flying live.

This video was posted Goovin a YouTube channel that features a few more videos of Norway and wings suit flying. Be sure to check out their channel for some more crazy wing suit flying videos like this one. Would you ever think of trying this?

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sense of flying styrn norway

Imagine the amount of adrenalin pumping through you body