Florida Healthy Travel Advice

Who doesn’t love the sunny climate of Florida, with all of its popular family attractions for a vacation? However, fun-filled days spent outdoors can also take its toll on families who are not ready for the potential health hazards in the area. Make sure to protect yourselves from the Zika virus and mosquitoes. Be aware of the dangers of overexposure to the sun, and take the necessary precautions to prevent your vacation from being spoiled by common allergies.

Protection from the Zika Virus

Although the Zika virus is no longer a threat in Florida, it is wise to take every precaution to prevent mosquito bites. Make sure to use a local mosquito repellent all day on the family, and follow the instructions on the product label, particularly regarding the children. A light spray of repellent on your clothing is also advisable. Lightweight breathable long-sleeved tops and long pants are an extra protection from mosquito bites.

For the singles and partygoers, there is a risk of Zika virus being sexually transmitted, as the virus has been known to live in semen for months, so don’t mess around. Insist on using a condom during sex.

Protection from the Heat

Image via Flickr by klaasl

Most of Florida’s fun takes place outdoors, so plan your days around the sun and the heat. Slather the family in a high-factor (15 SPF or above) sunscreen and reapply after every swim or in the case of severe sweating. It’s best to reapply every couple of hours. Wear hats with wide brims to decrease sunburn and heat exhaustion. Drink loads of water even if you don’t feel like it. Sodas and alcohol dehydrate, so keep them as treats. Seek out the shade, particularly during the midday hours. In fact, it’s a good idea to spend those midday hours having a rest or a swim to cool down.

Protection from the Allergens

Pollen, mold, and dust in Florida are common causes of allergies that can make you feel miserable and ruin a good day. Pollen is plentiful outdoors among the flowers and trees, particularly in the spring. Compound that with the wind and dust, and you may find your nose blocked and your eyes burning, accompanied by sneezing and headaches. Your allergies may also be triggered indoors by mold that is caused by the humid climate.

Make sure the resort or hotel you choose has a good HVAC system installed. This will improve your air quality in the room and decrease allergens. It will also keep the mosquitoes away and cool you down during the heat of the day, helping you to combat all three of the health hazards mentioned.

Simple preparation and common sense will help you make sure your vacation is enjoyed by everyone. Be prepared to repel the mosquitoes effectively. Make wise decisions regarding the brutally high temperatures. Finally, book a vacation spot that has quality air conditioning service for the greatest comfort. This way, your family will enjoy a special getaway without any mishaps.