Fishing for bikes in the Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam prides itself on its cleanliness

This was one of the coolest things I think I have seen in a little while. This barge was going up the Amsterdam canals fishing bikes out and ensuring the cleanliness of Amsterdam. For those of you may not know the Netherlands is one of the top countries for cleanliness and government ran programs. There are literally people on call to clean up a mess if it happens. I once saw some a guy get sick on the street and within 3 minutes there as a crew there cleaning it up. I would call these guys street janitors. I really do envy this about the Netherlands and thought it really cool to see them even cleaning up areas of the city that people can’t even see (bottom of the murky canal). As you can see from the video there are tons of bikes that were fished out and right at the beginning of the video he actually has one in the claw. The rest of the world should look to the Netherlands, well all the Nordic countries for that matter, at take a much needed lesson in environmentalism.

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