The Flying Pig Hostel Uptown Amsterdam is Probably Easy to Find if you Ask for Directions

I really need to put my EGO aside and start asking for directions, but I won’t

You know I have always prided myself on my amazing sense of direction and being able to find things without having to ask for directions but maybe I should put in a foreign country clause. I have been to Amsterdam two times before this trip and thought without a doubt would be able to find my hostel without asking for help. Oh boy was I wrong and I think I may need to re evaluate my self proclaimed amazing sense of direction, maybe. I mean Amsterdam is a god damn maze and even if you think you are going in the right direction you will end up in the total opposite place especially if you partake in the coffee shop lifestyle, which for the record I have not yet in this video.

So here I am getting off the right train at Amsterdam Central after my detour to Heerlen and I am all happy to be on the streets of Amsterdam getting ready for everything it has to throw at me. I tell myself that I know exactly where I am going so head off with my ego in tact and the wind at my back. After twisting and turning, veering and steering, bopping and hoping I was officially ready to consider myself lost. Now it was not a total loss as did come across the Amsterdam canal clean up and the Heineken brewery so it was kinda of a good thing, well apart from the fact I was 5km away from my the Flying Pig Uptown Hostel Amsterdam. So I went into an actual coffee shop bought a green tea and logged to the wifi and mapped out my route to the hostel. In the video I have finally found it and this is my little commentary about the little adventure. The lesson to be learned here is no matter how amazing you are at finding places don’t ever think for a second that in a foreign country this will be as easy. But to be honest I bet I will be in a similar situation again as I am determined to prove myself that my skills are superior than most. lol

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