Travel Europe on a Budgel

How To Explore Europe When You’re On A Budget

A trip across Europe is definitely a dream come true for most of us, but it can also be a very expensive place to visit.

Thankfully, there are some useful tips and tricks that can be used in order to stretch your budget as far as possible while here. 

Choose your Accommodation Carefully

In some parts of the world there isn’t really that big a difference in price between the most expensive hotels and cheaper places or hostels. However, in Europe the difference between one hotel and another can be absolutely massive.

In some cases, simply staying in a less central area can make a big difference to your accommodation budget. In other places, it might be that two hotels or hostels close together offer widely differing prices.

Hostels in Europe tend to offer good prices and are typically nice and clean, while also offering the chance to meet other travellers too.

Book Transport in Advance

Bus, trains, planes, and ferries all tend to be a lot cheaper in Europe if you book them in advance. In fact, you could end up paying a bargain price even for long trips if you look online well before you travel.

On the other hand, buying tickets at the ticket station just before travelling will typically land you with a very expensive way of travelling even short distances. You might also want to check in advance whether you are eligible for any sort of rail travel card that could help you cuts costs even further.

Avoid the High Seasons

One of the interesting things is that there are a few different high and low seasons in Europe to look out for in a relatively small area. For example, in the Mediterranean beach resorts the summer is when everyone wants to go there, leading to inflated prices.

However, many of these places are a lot cheaper and more charming in the winter. The weather is usually still nice in the Med during winter, although you will want to check that there are still some hotels and restaurants open in the places you want to go to.

In the same sort of way, The Alps isn’t just somewhere you can go to in the winter during the high skiing season. You can also enjoy adventure sports with the likes of an exciting mountain biking holidayhere during the summer.

Avoid Spending Too Long in the Big Cities

On any trip to Europe the big cities like Rome, Paris, London, and Berlin are always huge attractions. These are among some of the world’s finest cities and contain incredible culture, sights, and nightlife.

However, it can also be very expensive to stay in these places, with even just the cost of getting around by bus or by train eating up a fair chunk of your daily budget. This is why it is a great idea to get out to smaller cities or towns.

There are tons of incredible small cities in Europe, from Bucharest in Romania to Cork in Ireland, with many of the best options to be found in Eastern Europe. These are very satisfying destinations where you get to really know the country you are in while also saving some money at the same time.

There is no getting away from the fact that Europe is an expensive place to visit but with these little tips it can be that bit more affordable and more enjoyable too.