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Most people when to give the opportunity to getaway would set sights on places that can give them new experiences. A new place where they can enjoy all the things it has to offer. An especially interesting and amazing place to visit that can bring you striking sceneries for an especially stunning vacation is Norway. If you are a travel fanatic Norway is one place to visit at least once. A holiday in Norway has excitement, fun, and relaxation all cooped up. It’s a Nordic country located in Europe; its capital city is Oslo, and it has been tagged as the best place to live here on Earth because it’s a small populated Country blessed with a lot of Natural wonders. Since this Country has so much to offer, we will now take a look at what to see in Norway.

The Kon-Tiki Museum

the kon tiki museum

A museum located in Oslo, Norway; this museum houses maps and vessels from the famous Kon-Tiki expedition. It is a place dedicated to the research and dreams of Thor Heyerdahl, a legendary Norwegian explorer. He sailed oceans from continent to continent on a primitive vessel. It’s a place that is loved especially by children. The totora-reed boat that Heyerdahl and his crew sailed the Atlantic Ocean with in 1970 is a sight to behold. Also all the photos, artifacts and documents from their great adventures can be seen in the museum.

Another interesting thing about this museum is the daily showing of the Oscar-winning documentary “Kon-tiki documentary movie” in the museum cinema every day at 12.00.



Norway is famous for its spectacular fjords and one of the best fjords in Norway is at Geirangerfjord. A fjord is a waterway between high cliffs formed when glaciers submerge. The beauty of the sight is difficult to comprehend. It is about 260 meters in depth and the mountains surrounding it are about 1600-1700m high. The waterfalls, “the seven sisters” and the abandoned fjord farms on the sides of the cliffs are wonderful sights as well. You can as well enjoy a local meal from the outdoor restaurant located at the Geirangerfjord while also enjoying the salient fjord view.

Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral

If you want to join pilgrimages but have visited the Holy land already, this is a great place to go. The Nidaros Cathedral is located in Trondheim, Norway; and is the most significant church in Norway. Since it was founded in 1066, its been an important destination for pilgrimage. The building is an amazing combination of gothic architectural style. There are so many things to see when you visit the Cathedral. The sculptures, the twin towers, central rose window, etc. The oldest part of the Cathedral is the St. John’s chapel which dates back to 1161. The altar frontal is also an important artwork found in the Nidaros Cathedral. It shows the earliest representation of St. Olav’s life.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights Norway

This comes up automatically on your list of what to see in Norway. The northern light is one of the nature’s amazing display. It can be seen in many locations when you visit Norway, but are mostly seen in the arctic regions. It is formed by fast-moving charged particles coming from the sun. They are then driven by the magnetic field of the earth towards the poles thereby displaying various colors. Every experience is different and many tourists find a spiritual attachment to it. Some of the cities where the Northern lights can be seen in Norway are Tromso, Svalbard, Kirkenes, etc. The best time to see the light is from September to March.

 The Changing of the Guard in Oslo

The Changing of the Guard in Oslo

On your vacation in Norway, another thing to see is the changing of the guard in Oslo, the capital city of Norway. This is a royal event that you need to see. You have a chance to catch the way the Royal Guards of the King of Norway change at Oslo, and it’s you get to view the wonderful event for free. Just go to the Royal Palace by going up the Karl Johans Gate and join other tourists waiting for the event at exactly 1:30 pm daily. This event also takes place in 40 minutes; long enough to experience this rare occasion yet short enough to whet your curiosity for the next one.

The men and women of the King’s guard go about their sentry duties by guarding the Royal Palace always.

Vigeland Park

Vigeland Park

This place is one of Norway’s most beautiful parks. Located in Oslo, the life’s work of Gustav Vigeland, a renowned Norwegian sculptor is contained here. There are over 200 masterpieces on display for you to view and appreciate. It is the world’s largest sculptor park by a single artist. The sculptures are popularly known as the “weirdest statues in the world.” They were built around 1939 – 1949 and it consists of naked humans in different kinds of poses.

One of the notable and amazing sights in the park however, is The Fountain’. It’s a structure that has almost 20 statues surrounding it and representing different levels of the human life. As you savor the true magic of these statues, do not miss a chance to take advantage of the monuments to uncover the rich heritage of this land.

 Akershus Fortress

Akershus Fortress

This location has a noteworthy history. The Norwegian strength economically lies in the place. It’s actually being said that whoever can control this area, controls the whole country. The fort has been used by the Government as a prison. This location packs a lot of history. The Nazi Germans also stayed in this fortress. It’s still being used nowadays officially for gatherings, but there are parts that are open to the public. There are also some other places of interest like Norway’s resistance museum, the Armed Force Museum, and the Royal Mausoleum. The Royal Mausoleum is where the Sarcophagi of royalties in Norway are housed.

From the most majestic landscapes in Norway to the medieval structure, you are spoiled for choice when deciding where to go and what to see in Norway. Aside from these places mentioned in this article, there is a whole lot more. To have the best holiday in Norway, you have to consider the weather and plan the places you want to go beforehand.

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