Stay in a Hotel in Siena to discover the typical flavors of Siena’s cooking

Those who choose to spend a weekend or a holiday in Siena are almost always looking for the artistic masterpieces of this prized Tuscan city; but booking a stay at a Hotel in Siena can be an excellent occasion to taste many great dishes and glasses of wine of wine.

Besides being one of the most beautiful and worth visiting cities of Italy, in fact, the suggestive Siena is also very famous for its food and wine. Siena features one of Italy most renowned confectionery traditions and a wine-making industry that produces worldwide famous wines.

With regards to the confectionery sector, besides excellent cakes, tasty pastries, marzipan creations and other delicacies with cream and chocolate that can be tasted in the city center’s shops, Siena is also where famous Christmas cakes are made, such as the Panforte, the Cavallucci and the Ricciarelli. Right before the Christmas holidays, another typical cake is tasted with new wine and holy wine, the Pan co’ santi, a sort of bread with walnuts and raisins.

Speaking about wine, the area of Siena has always been one of the most renowned areas for wine production. To list all the wine produced in the countryside of Siena we would need a constantly updated site, but suffice to say that Siena’s countryside is where world-famous wines are produced, such as the Brunello di Montalcino, the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and the Chianti Classico.

At least in Tuscany, the only area that might compete with Siena in terms of yield, productivity and quality is the province of Livorno that produces excellent wines such as the Sassicaia, the Ornellaia, the Bolgheri wines and the Wines of the Val di Cornia.

With that said, it should be easy to understand how Siena can be an excellent destination also for food and wine. During a stay in a hotel in the center of Siena it’s possible to quickly find wine stores, excellent bistrots and renowned restaurants where it’s possible to personally taste the many flavors that the city has to offer. In any case, we have yet to list many other amazing dishes prepared in the city of the Palio.

Those who spend a holiday in a Hotel in Siena to visit the City of the Palio and the spectacular sites of Siena’s territory can taste truly unique and sensational specialties, dishes that while being simple have a strong and amazing flavor.

Among the appetizers and first courses we recommend tasting the famous Tuscan Bruschetta, the inevitable chicken liver croutons, the tasty bread and beans soup known as Ribollita, a dish of smoking Pappardelle with hare, the mushroom soup and the Pici all’Aglione.

Among the second courses and the side dishes of Siena’s cooking tradition, we recommend tasting the Scottiglia, the Uccelletto beans, the Pollo al Mattone, the Tagliata di Chianina steak, the Senese tripe, the Carciofi di Chiusure and the prized cinta senese cold cuts.

Thanks to the quality of the local products, the passion of the chefs and the immortal vitality of a centuries-old tradition, spending a couple of days in Siena can also become a splendid taste experience, besides being a good occasion to admire priceless artistic and natural beauties.