3 Destinations For People Who Get Bored On Beaches

Vacation doesn’t have to be about going to a warm beach and soaking in the sun for a few days. Instead, go somewhere that’s not your typical destination where you can experience something you’d never get back home. Life is about the journey and where it takes you, and you don’t have to be rich to get there. Following are three different types of destination trips that take you off the beaches and into the great wide open where you can open your mind to what the world is about.

Fishing Trips

Fishing Desitinations

Image via Flickr by Urban Fly Fisher

Fishing is often compared to experiencing zen. You stand in the water casting your rod over and over again, patiently waiting for a fish to take the hook. In the meantime, the water moves past you, and you get to look at the world around you without feeling like you have to be anywhere or do much of anything. You’re aware that you may or may not catch a fish that day, but it doesn’t matter. Fishing gives you a way to step out of your day-to-day life and get back to nature for a little while. No more staring at your monitor; instead, you’re looking at the wide open outdoors that surround you and let you contemplate your place in the universe.

Exploring Different Cultures

When you’re tired of Western culture and all it entails, consider a cultural vacation. This type of vacation takes you to destinations you might not normally consider, such as South America, Thailand, or Africa. Many indigenous cultures are welcoming to outsiders and share their way of life with those who are interested in learning about them.

If you don’t want to go to the extent of needing a guide for introductions, consider places like Prague in the Czech Republic or Barcelona, Spain. These two cities have a strong local culture and a large, bi-lingual population to help you get around without much trouble. They’re also safe for the solo traveler who wants to try new cultures but isn’t sure where to start.

Photo Safari

The idea of a photo safari conjures up images of traveling around Africa to take pictures the wildlife and local cultures. Yes, you can go to Africa if you so desire, but the word safari means going on a journey, and you can do that anywhere. The US has an incredible amount of open lands that are perfect for a safari with a camera. Getting to any of the natural parks in the US doesn’t cost a lot of money regardless of whether it’s by air or land. But the images you capture with your camera are priceless as they let you relive each moment of your safari for decades to come.

Life is short but the journey is long. Sitting on a beach and relaxing is an excellent way to get a break from daily stresses, but can be boring for some. Head to somewhere entirely different, and make the most out of your vacation time every year.