coastline cruising tips

Coastline cruising tips to help you make the most of your next holiday

If we’re talking holiday excursions, for me, it would always be the boat trip.

Wherever in the world I am, I always make time for a sail around the coastline, truly relaxing and checking out the view from another standpoint. There truly is no other way to appreciate the scenery and natural habitat of your destination, whether it’s a popular, neon-lit resort, or a natural relaxation retreat – the bottom line is the same.

This is of course another expense to a holiday, albeit a small one, but this is easily remedied by cutting a few costs elsewhere. You don’t have to be too imaginative to save a bit of money, it’s quite easy when you break down your extras, such as how you get to the airport. Do you book taxis? If so, you’ll know how expensive these can be. Do you go on the coach or train? Again, expensive and also stressful. Why not consider driving yourself to the airport?

I drive and park up at the airport every time I travel now, regularly booking Glasgow airport parking as a staple part of my travel plans. If this sounds like a good idea to you, and if not, why not, then head to airport parking with ParkBCP and check out the great deals, which will more than make you smile. Any money saved can be put to good use on your holiday, such as that chill-out boat trip we were talking about.

When it comes to booking your coastline cruise, I’d be tempted to shy away from the price your rep quotes you, and instead take a walk down the tourist streets and see what the excursion offices are offering. You’ll often find different routes on offer, and this is usually the cheaper way to do it too. If there are several of you, see if you can haggle the price lower!

Once you’re on your boat remember sun-cream, a hat, and to keep drinking water throughout the day. Try and avoid alcohol if you can, because this will just amplify the intensity of the sun and make you drunker, and probably more ill as a result. Additionally, keep going downstairs and into the shade, and don’t sit out in full sun all day long, because sunstroke will creep in.

sunburn coastline cruise

I actually have a really bad sunburn here because I didn’t use enough sun cream.

It’s a well known fact that the sun is stronger out on the open water, and you don’t want a rather nasty dose of sunburn as a post boat trip souvenir.

So, when you see that list of excursions on offer, head for the boat trip as a first choice – for true relaxation and a beautiful view, you can’t beat it.

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