How to Chug a Guinness in 7 seconds

There is nothing like your first Guinness when you first land in Ireland. You see the Guinness over here is much more fresh and comes straight from the original factory, St. James gate, just down the road. For those of you who think that the Guinness you are drinking (draught) in other countries in the world comes straight from Ireland you are dead wrong. There are just about 50 breweries across the planet that are licensed to brew the famous Irish stout. North Americas Guinness is actually brewed in Canada! I have heard rumours in the past that there are certain number of kegs that do get shipped over from Ireland every year but finding one of these is probably next to impossible.

Either sticking to my tradition of my first drink being a Guinness I thought I would put my Canadian spin on things a chug it down. I actually made really good time chugging it 7 seconds but I did spill a little so that is a second or two penalty I would say!

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