Canada Geese are the beauty and plague of Ontario bike paths

Canada Geese are known all over the world as one of Canada’s most beautiful and unique animals. I can tell they are beautiful but holy shit are the bitches. On this bike path in Cornwall Ontario their droppings are everywhere and they crowd the bike path like they are a 1950’s street gang. I mean on a longboard it is fun to weave in and out of their droppings but there is this one bird in particular that won’t stop hissing at me and flapping its wings. I scream “relax bud” at him every-time I see him but it seems to only piss him off even more. I call him Julio.

With all personal vendettas aside I do enjoy seeing he birds as they really are majestic and have no real fear of humans. Watching them fly around and land on water is pretty frigging awesome to watch. Its just stupid Julio that gets me all worked up.

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