Living out my teenage dream at Cafe Del Mar Ibiza

Cafe Del Mar Ibiza was everything I thought it would be and more!

I got so much to say about Cafe Del Mar Ibiza and the amazing time I had but first a quick Kevin history lesson.

Back in the late 90’s my cousin introduced me to the wonders of electronic music ranging all the way from house to drum and bass. The first album he had me purchase was a Ministry of Sound album featuring both Judge Jules and Boy George. Yes believe it or not Boy George is an excellent DJ. That album immediately sparked my interest in the scene and I began buying up everything I could get my hands on. One of the album series I was always trying to get my hands on were the Cafe Del Mar albums. I absolutely love the chill vibe and the feeling that these albums gave me. After listening to my first Cafe Del Mar album I knew that I had to get there as soon as possible and experience it for myself. For those of you who don’t know, every evening during the peak season (May – Oct) people gather to listen to great chill tunes and watch the sunset. Year after year I would always tell myself this is the year that I am going to do it but it seemed like something would always come up and another year of not going would pass. So last year at 31 more than 15 years later I finally made it and to this day it still feels very surreal. It was like a fine wine that had aged over time and made me appreciate it that much more.

Sunny Cafe Del Mar

The view from our table when we first got there!

How was it you ask? If I hadn’t made it clear already it was absolutely amazing and life changing. The entire time while sitting at our table I had shivers going up and down my spine. Now I have to say if you want a good table you will want to get there early enough as the patio table do fill up early. Me and my cousin got there at 6:00 and got a table no problem but by 7 it was getting packed. The staff were trying to take the chairs we were saving for the rest of our party. We actual had to guarantee them that they were coming before the sunset and buying food/drink. However with that said you don’t have to sit on their patio as there is a rock beach where you can sit without having to buy anything but if you want to eat, drink and even rent a hookah pipe you will want to be sitting at a table.

Cafe Del Mar Ibiza

The view from our table!

Being there first allowed us to really enjoy everything Cafe Del Mar had to offer. We ordered a nice bottle of wine (twice), a pizza, some nacho’s and of course some green apple flavoured hookah (twice). All of which were fantastic and very reasonably priced. I thought for sure it was going to be expensive as it is world renowned and in Ibiza but it was not at all. Our bottles of wine, small pizza, nacho and hookah only ran us 40 euro each. That is an amazing deal by any standards and when coupled with the ambiance is a real steal in my book.

Hookah Cafe Del Mar

Enjoying the Hookah waiting on the gang!

Now on top of all of that Cafe Del Mar is the place to be at sunset. Located on the Island of Ibiza in the town of Sant Antoni de Portmany people flock to Cafe Del Mar everyday to see the Sunset. About 20 minutes before the sunset the place was literally packed and the rock beach was also over flowing. As the sunset gets closer and closer things start to go very silent and peaceful, however, once the sun finally says its goodbye people begin to cheer and celebrate. I was like watching your favorite team score that important goal at the buzzer. It was almost like everyone was seeing the sunset for the first time and was in awe of its beauty. I can honestly say that it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life.

Cafe Del Mar Sunset Ibiza

The Sun is just about to hit the horizon and people are getting very silent.

Sunset Cafe Del Mar Ibiza

The sun takes its last stand!

Overall Cafe Del Mar is one of my top 5 ever travel experiences. The whole atmosphere and spiritual connection to the sunset made my time here absolutely amazing! On top of all this I got to listen to the music I have been listening to for years live in the location. This is truly something I will never forget and will definitely be going back sooner than later!

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