Buy Duty Free

Don’t be a Dumbass and stop at Duty Free

I swear that this is the best tip I can give to anyone who is planning on travelling and believe me it annoys the shit out of me when I see people not using it. Duty Free is magical land where prices are getting lower than a lil Jon video. For example I got this 40oz (1 litre) bottle of grey goose for only $40 Canadian when the going rate at most liquor stores is $67. I scoped out other prices of some more common things and a 40oz of Bombay was $18 Canadian which is straight up robbery in my opinion. Another great advantage to duty free is that once you arrive at your destination you have a bottle in your room and don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get slithered. Why not pound couple starter drinks while getting ready? And I don’t think its any secret that hotel partys are always a good time. I should also mention duty free has crazy prices on smokes, cologne and other random shit but lets be honest all we really care about is the booze. So don’t be a dumbass and get duty free. Remember you can also hit the duty free on your way home and save some cash on your favorite bottle.

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