Biking around Keukenhof Gardens during tulip season

Every Spring just outside of Amsterdam there are hundreds fields growing tulips and other flowers as far as the eye can see. The array of colours you will see while touring around these fields is absolutely incredible. This past April I had the chance to check out some of the fields while biking around Keukenhof. There are a couple places you can go to see these fields but the easiest one to get to is definitely Keukenhof Gardens. To get there you can easily grab a bus from either Leiden Central Station (No. 854) or you can also grab one directly from Amsterdam Schipol Airport (no. 858). To get from Amsterdam Central station you can either take the train to the airport or take the No. 197 bus to airport and then transfer to the No. 854 bus. Your bus ticket with cost you €6 each way but if you are planning on entering the Keukenhof Gardens itself then you can purchase a Combi-Ticket from the transportation ticket office for €28 euro which will include your bus fare and your admission to the Gardens. Another option is to purchase an Amsterdam and region day ticket for €13.50 which will not only get you to and from the Gardens but also allow you to jump on and off the very convenient public transportation system around Amsterdam. This is the option I chose as I was able to get around the city much faster and got my ride out to Keukenhof.

red tulips keukenhof

Made it to the fields and loving it!

Now here is a tip that I wish I knew before going out to the Gardens and if you are looking for the fields of tulips you will want to know as well. When I initially arrived at the gardens I was under the impression that the fields of flowers were only accessible from inside the Garden so I ended up paying an admission of €15 to enter into the Gardens. Don’t get me wrong the actual gardens were also absolutely amazing but it was not the same as going into the fields and seeing the thousands upon thousands of flowers as far as the eye can see. I very quickly learnt biking around Keukenhof was the way to go. For a cost of only €10 you can rent a bike for the day and head off into these stunning fields. The bike rental is located right as you get off the bus and to the left of the entrance of the gardens.

rent bike keukenhof gardens

Renting a bike is by far the way to see the tulips

Once you had rented your bike you have a couple options for the route you may want to take and the distance. The routes range from 4 km all the way 35 km and if you have the time I would suggest doing the 35 km advanced “Bulb Route”. The reason I am suggesting you go the distance and do the longest route is that there is a lot to see and it will give you chance to see the fields in its entirety. Also, I found that at the beginning of the bike tour there are a lot of people and getting a picture without a bunch of people in it can be a bit tough. A few of the pics from the gallery above I actually had to wait to take as there were tons of people waiting. After I broke away from the pack to do the long route I was by myself for the most part. This allowed me to take my time and take some really cool shots without the pressure of other people being around.

daffodils biking keukenof

All by myself and not a person in sight.

Biking around Keukenhof was definitely an amazing experience and if you are ever in Amsterdam between March and May it is something you absolutely have to do. If you are not into biking you can also take boat ride or even fly over the fields in a plane. Also it is worth mentioning that going into Keukenhof Gardens itself is a really good time as well, though as I mentioned is not the fields of tulips. Also you can click herefor more information on the bike rentals.

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