Winter Travel Destinations

Top 9 Best Places to Travel in Winter

While some individuals prefer to take Winter Sun Holidays to experience cool sea breezes, others prefer more Sun. As such, some of the most wonderful places in the world can often provide such relief during winter. To experience warm weather during the winter, one can travel to The Canary Islands, Mainland Spain, North Africa, Jamaica, Florida, Mexico, Czech Republic, The Dominican Republic among other Winter Sun Destinations.

However, as each area offers different experiences for such travel, one may want to research each area to see which one finds most interesting. While some focus on relaxation, others focus on more active lifestyle choices. So, one should choose from these destinations based on such activities and interests.

1. The Canary Islands.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are the best place to escape the cold season. The island’s weather is subtropical in most areas since the island is partially divided into parts. Because of its unique weather, there are many activities to choose from when you are on the island. Biking, mountaineering, hiking, camping, surfing, snorkeling are just a few of the many other activities that you could enjoy when you are on the island.

The mostly swarmed place is the Teide National Park. It is wrapped with excellent geographical scenery and well-preserved landmarks that were built centuries ago. It is also marveled with volcanic craters and petrified lavas. Gran Canaria is also the home of Spain’s highest mountains. Since the place has many mountain ranges, mountain trails are also available for tourists who want a hike.

2. Mexico:

Mexico offers a variety of leisure activities during winter; you can play golf, go diving, whale watch, bask on the beach, enjoy the delicious Mexican cuisine, while you experience their wonderful culture. You can also stay at some of the most fantastic resorts in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta. Mexico is a good consideration to get away from the winter cold in your place. It is known for its mild warm climate and breathtaking beaches and attractions. One good thing to do here is to play under the sun with friends or your family. Aside from the sand, the scenes are also so captivating, making you realize that a Mexico visit is definitely worth it.

3. Dominican Republic


Among the most wonderful places in the world is the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, a popular tourist destination. Some beautiful destinations in the Dominican Republic include Puerto Plata, Casa de Campo and Punta Cana. Here, you will enjoy bird watching, hiking, diving, among other fun activities. It is fun with the perfect white sandy beaches of Dominican Republic, looking up at the beautiful skies as you listen to waves gently caressing the ocean shore.

4. Mainland Spain.

attractions in Barcelona

If one is interested in culture during winter, one might consider visiting the Mainland Spain. Spain offers a great deal of ambience and history to both locals and tourists along with some of the finest Sangria in the world. Spain is, therefore, an excellent winter sun destination option for people interested in history, culture, foods and wines. Spain is also a perfect winter destination for painters, nature lovers, history lovers, epicureans, and musicians. However, beaches and scenic coastline of the Mainland Spain is what attracts most people.

5. Florida


It is among the best places to visit during winter. About 60 million tourists annually are attracted to Florida for its warm weather and hundreds of miles of beaches. Florida has also been named as a top destination for vacations. The state has been perennial for winter vacationers for its amusement parks, beaches, and water sports. You will enjoy its warm waters and beautiful beaches. You can visit popular cities and beach towns such as Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Miami which are popular winter holiday destinations. Theme parks in Florida include Walt Disney World, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios Orlando, Legoland Florida, and The Wizarding Harry Potter World. It is quite easy to find amazing discounts on accommodations and flights to these places.

6. Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.

Romantic Snowy Prague gothic Castle, Czech Republic

Prague is a great historic destination to visit during winter. Apart from the historic and artistic travel attractions that you must explore in any season, you should check out Christmas market; which is one of the finest in European destinations. If you get an advance booking, Prague hosts several winter festivals that you could attend and enjoy. Even if you don’t enjoy skating on the longest ice skating track in World, you can still soak into the Prague’s thermal spas and relax in the soothing warm ambience.

7. India.


India offers various winter travel destinations to explore. Some of the best and top attractive winter destinations in India are:

Munnar: This serene and beautiful hill station located in Kerala is a perfect way to spend the winter vacation along with your family or friends. You can take a break from the daily busy schedules and breathe in a bit of fresh air in the arms of the scenic beauty. The picturesque mountains, carpeted with tea and spice gardens make Munnar a heaven on earth.

Auli: Located in Uttarakhand, Auli gets a well-deserved attention being a most popular ski destination right in the Himalayas. The view of earth from the peaks will offer awesome memories of the trip.

Manali: It is a perfect holiday getaway. Crystal clear streams, green hills, leafy terrains, and the mountain peaks have much to offer to all the visitors. A lot of adventures like skiing, hiking, river rafting and mountaineering will make any holiday as perfect as ever!

Corbett National Park: It is known for being the most sought-after wildlife reserves in the country. Situated in Nainital in Uttarakhand, this park is an all-time attraction for the tourists. It is famous for the ecotourism, and the wildlife lovers have much to explore.

8. Jamaica


The Island’s has a magnificent climate and gorgeous beaches that make it a great place to spend your winter. You can get discounts on flights to great such places as the Montego Bay, which is the tourist capital and centre in Jamaica. You can also access cruise ships at Falmouth Port. Traveling to Jamaica during winter or other vacations will provide great adventure and memories.

9. Egypt


Another amazing winter holiday destination is Egypt. Egypt is not as cheap as some would think but it can offer you a currency advantage, like in many Asian or African destinations. Besides, just consider the kind of attractions Egypt offer. I bet the Great Pyramids of Giza will be near the top spot, if not at the very top of your must-visit destinations list. After all, it is the last of the seven wonders of the world still standing.

Finding cheap winter holidays to Egypt can offer you your chance to make your dream a reality. Although accommodation in resorts like Sharm El Sheikh is quite expensive, and the majority of hotels there are luxurious 5-star ones, but you can still find a deal that suits your budget, especially in other resorts like Hurghada, Luxor, and Taba.

You can even try scuba diving in the Red Sea, which is a wonderful experience in its right. You can also take a camel ride into the peaceful desert evenings. Although it varies with the taste of every person, finding cheap winter holidays to Egypt offers the best value for your money.

To this end, whether one desires to take a week away from Winter, or a longer period, such travel destinations can often offer great relief from the cold rain, snow, and temperatures which most areas of America and Europe experience during Winter. With some of the best places to travel during winter, you do not have to stay at home waiting for the cold, dreary winter season to end. With this information, you can find just the right holiday options within your budget.