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The Best Way To Explore America

If you take a vacation in America, you’re in for a unique experience. While America is one big country when you cross state lines, it can feel like you are travelling to whole new worlds. The places across this region are so different with their own character and possibilities to explore. America is so vast you might even consider planning an entire summer venturing across it. Here’s some advice that’s tied to that possibility.

Travel By Road

We think the best reason to travel by road is that you’ll have the chance to drive the famous Route 66. Route 66 has become a pop culture icon appearing in films like Doc Holiday and Cars. Many people believe that Route 66 is the definition of American culture, scattered with little hick towns on either side. You could even say that Route 66 is tied to the American dream. You’ll feel a tremendous surge of freedom when you’re driving down it.

Historic Route 66

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But that’s not the only reason to travel by road. If you fly everywhere, you may see the sites that everyone talks about. But you won’t find the hidden treasures and experiences this country holds. That’s not to mention the cost to consider. Flying from one state to the next will end up amounting to an absolute fortune.

Fly Solo

When many people travel across America, they take friends or family. We understand why because it’s going to be a long trip. But if you do this, you’re not going to get the true experience. A lot of solo travellers end up finding themselves out on those long, winding highways. You could discover an entirely new side of yourself and it can be quite an experience. Who knows, you might also meet a few new friends along the way. Although, we wouldn’t recommend picking up hitchhikers. While it may sound fun, this can be quite dangerous.

Camping Like A Pro

Rather than staying in hotels, or worse, hostels, you can get a trailer attached to your vehicle. A trailer will allow you to stop and set up camp anywhere you like. But it also gives you the comfort of having a home on the road. This is a lot better than having to pitch a tent, particularly if the weather is against you. Thousands of Americans cross the state lines with trailer RVs every month. There is no better way to explore all this country has to offer.

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San Jacinto Monument Marsh At Sunset

Take The Less Travelled Routes

Even when you’re travelling by car you could still hit all the American tourist spots. Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park. But why not go to places that people hardly ever venture to. You could head out into the outbacks of Texas. There, you’ll discover towns known for UFO sightings. You’ll certainly meet some characters and who knows, you might even experience a first encounter. Or, alternately you could explore the great lakes of North America. There, you might see a familiar creature of folklore. The myths of the country are one example of something you could experience if you took the chance.
Head down to Nashville to the birthplace of country music or go deep into the remnants of the Wild West. The possibilities are endless on a trip you should definitely take.

Parachute american flag smoke

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Parachuting with the American flag and Smoke!