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5 Epic Motorcycle Routes In Europe

If you love biking, then the thought of combining your passion with a vacation will certainly appeal. Not only is it a chance to test your riding skills and your bike, but it’s also a chance to explore new places. Furthermore, those rides open up the chance to gain experiences that aren’t afforded to the average traveler.

Let’s face it; it will beat completing the monotonous daily commute to work. Europe is home to some truly magnificent routes. With a little research, every rider can find the perfect route for their specific needs and preferences.

Here are five of the best options that the continent has to offer. Grab your motorcycle helmets and leathers; an epic adventure is about to start.

Transfagarasan Highway (Romania)


At 90 kilometres, the Transfagarasan isn’t exactly the longest biking route in Europe. However, it might well be one of the most enjoyable.

Also known as Ceausescu’s Folly, the journey runs from the village of Bascov towards Pitesti. And it takes in some truly magnificent sights. That’s largely due to the fact the road climbs up to a height of over 2,000m. Originally built in the 1970s as a military route, it is one of Europe’s best-loved paved roads by bikers from all over the world.

The country’s capital, Bucharest, is just an hour-and-a-half on from Pitesti. So many riders also like to take in a few days there. Either way, the meandering 90km ride along the Transfagarasan is one for all motorbike lovers to enjoy.

Dubrovnik (Croatia) to Kotor (Montenegro)


Starting in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, this route takes in the wonders of the Croatian coast. It then heads into the equally stunning Montenegro. The journey can be completed in as little as two hours, but riders are sure to enjoy every single second,

In addition to Dubrovnik, a hat-trick of UNESCO World Heritage Sites are completed by Durmitor and Tara River Canyon. After the pleasant ride close to the Adriatic Sea, the testing terrains of Montenegro are a delight for any serious rider. In fact, the elevations of those mountain areas average out at over 2,000m.

It’s a route that offers a little bit of everything, including two wonderful destinations to spend a few hours at either end of the ride. No rider could ask for any more.

Bergen to Gerainger (Norway)


Norway is home to some truly spectacular scenery. And there’s no better chance to see it than via the 366km trip from Bergen to Gerainger via the E39 route.

The journey offers anything that any motorist could hope for. Zig-zagging road, tunnels, and cliffs offer a varied and exciting route. Meanwhile, the valleys offer some of the most amazing views throughout the whole of Scandinavia. Throw in a couple of ferries across the fjords, including the huge Sognefjorden, and it’s the perfect journey.

The trip can be completed in one day, but bikers prefer to split it into two. This allows them to soak in the backdrop and the enjoyment of the ride with even greater impact.

Livorno to Livigno (Italy)


Tuscany is easily the most attractive part of Italy as far as biking is concerned. However, this area is just a small part of the ride up to Livigno. In fact, you’ll even move into Swiss territory along the route before heading back into the north of Italy.

Heading up the west coast of Italy is a delight for the eyes and for the enthusiastic rider. At times, it will feel extremely serene. At others, you’ll be so focused on the ride itself that hours will fly by. Meanwhile, parts of the Swiss stretch allow you to truly test the power of your bike.

There are plenty of potential stop off points along the way too, which allow the rider to enjoy the superb Italian culture. Given that this is a journey best split over a few days, that’s great news.

Trabzon to Savsat (Turkey)


As a country that covers two continents, it’s unsurprising to learn that the 300km ride from Trabzon to Savsat offers huge levels of variety.

The route takes you along the coast via the E70 and towards the Georgian border at Hopa. Next, you’ll come inland through Artvin. After this, the final leg into Savsat is filled with beautiful scenery including meadows. It’s a ride that brings several changes, for riding conditions and backdrop. And that makes it one of Europe’s very best trips.

And if you are eager to tick off another country, that quick detour to Georgia is the perfect solution.