Which City of Texas is the Best?

Texas, for many, is the quintessential American state. Sure, there’s Maryland, which houses the country’s capital, Washington, D.C. And there’s California, which seems to sum up perfectly, for some, the idyllic and sunny nature of the United States. New York would be a strong contender, with New York City being the most populous city in the entire country.

But for many people around the world, Texas is the first state they think of. For better or worse, there’s a warm, cultured, Texan “cowboy” image that the state can’t seem to shake. And it’s that image that many people associate with the United States.


It could, of course, also have something to do with how diverse it is. And that is largely something to do with just how big the state is. Texas could fit all of Germany in it and still have room for a large part of France. And because of that size, Texas can fit in an absurd amount of amazing cities.

Texas holds at least four cities that are considered among the finest in the country. But which one of them is the best in Texas? Let’s see if we can find out. (You may notice that I have, in fact, only written about three down here. This is because the state’s capital – Austin – barely needs an introduction.)


Dallas is probably best known as the home of the Dallas Cowboys. Appropriately, it’s an amazing hub of sports activity. But, of course, Dallas features much more than a great sporting scene. It’s got one of the most beautiful night skylines in the entire country. The Dallas State Fair is famous all over the world. It’s no coincidence that tourism rates soar when this fair is in town! It also has a public transport system that has actually been improving noticeably ever year for three decades. What other city in the world could possibly make the same claim?



Houston is the most populous city in Texas. In terms of city populations across the United States, it’s behind only New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Many would tell you that Houston easily takes this crown. In fact, there’s a strong argument to be made that Houston isn’t just the best city in the state – it’s the best city in the country. There are loads of things you can point out to help back up this claim. There are the amazing restaurants. There are the high wages and low living costs. This Houston travel magazine can help you get around the city and find out for yourself.

San Antonio

If Texas has anything resembling a “summer city”, then it’s probably San Antonio. Its residents are among the happiest in the country, and probably feel like they’re always on a luxury vacation. It’s a quirky, forward-thinking city that features some amazing architecture. The downtown businesses are heavily driven by community as opposed to cutthroat competition. If you’re looking for a colorful city with an unforgettable nightlife, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place than San Antonio!