Eating at The Bank on College Green Dublin Ireland

Eating at The Bank on College Green Dublin Ireland

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This was a really great time at The Bank on College Green and the first pub I went to when I first landed. You can see me Chug a Guinness in 7 seconds or you can read my review of their Homemade Ricotta Ravioli and the place itself below.

First off I realize this is not an authentic Irish dish or anything but this seemed like a very “baller” place so in this case I tend to judge pubs and restaurants by how well they make Italian dishes… lol….. It was really good Ricotta and the Ravioli was obviously made by hand… They also had some spinach in that shit with a really good light red sauce…..I like it and you would too…..

As for the place itself it is a very spectacular place with very larger ceilings and excellent service. We were taken care of very well and checked on very often, we never had an empty drink. The Bank on College Green used to be an old bank so if you are lucky you will get a table in the vault. If you are ever in Dublin it is a must you visit this place as you won’t be disappointed!

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